7 Local SEO Tips For Better Local Search Results

SEO has become more essential for all website developers. All use many ways to increase website traffic some of them gain visitors and some of them give up. The SEO process involves many ways to get on the first page in search engine.

Here are some steps which helps you increase traffic on your websites.

Keyword Search

Everyone says that keyword is much important in writing Articles. But how do you know that what people are searching for and on what concept should I start writing. Here is the way to do it, there are many keyword search tools, but the top one goes for GOOGLE ADWORDS. Take any concept like Technology, Taxes, Dream and whatever it is searched in Adwords planner. You will see monthly searches, yearly searches the particular word competition and you will find hundreds of concepts to write articles.

The main thing is written Articles for the less competition concept where you gain traffic and get ranked faster.

Meta Keyword and Meta Description

If you are good in HTML refer some videos on YouTube on Meta Keywords and Meta Description, you need to add keywords for the article in many variables.

Meta Keyword

For example, you have written an article on “How to Prepare Tea” then your Meta keywords should be “How to prepare tea, making tea, preparing tea, ingredients of tea, the process of making tea, how making tea” and you can use many variables in this concept. It is important to separate each title with commas.

Meta Description

What is Meta Description? It’s simple the concept what you write for a website or article which shows up in 3 lines on search engines is known as Meta description.

If you use Word Press to manage your website then its better you use “All in one SEO” to make your work less easy.


When you upload image give the image name almost similarly of the title. This process will drive visitors to your website with an image search engine.


When you give a title for Article, if it’s too big you can change the appearance of the title name in permalinks. This process will not change the actual title of the article.

Highlight the Words

If you write a concept on “How to Prepare Tea”, in the content highlight or Bold the words “Prepare Tea” where you find it in the content. In search engine only the keyword matters and it’s all worth it.

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