Scott Beale Aviation Says Why One Should Be Thinking Of A Career In The Airlines Industry

Scott Beale Aviation Says Why One Should Be Thinking Of A Career In The Airlines Industry

Individuals want to join aviation industry because of the excellent salary that it offers along with the other benefits. The airline industry is enormous as in the United States only there are more than 100 airlines of various sizes which employs a large number of employees. Even though the benefits that the airlines industry offers usually vary from company to company but there are some common benefits that almost every company offers.

Scott Beale Aviation talks about the benefits of working in the airlines industry

Scott Beale has been in the aviation and aerospace industry since several years and is at present working as Senior Vice President of Sales. He is trained in negotiation, operations management, management, customer service, as well as strategic planning. He says that candidates want to work for airlines and airports in the aviation industry because of the number of benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits are outlined by Scott Beale Aviation.

  • The first major benefit that aviation industry offers is that it provides a lot of travel opportunities. It is quite difficult to find a better industry for travel prospects. Certain jobs within aviation industry require wide-ranging travel such as flight pilots and attendants. They get the opportunity to visit international cities on numerous different continents.  In addition to this employees working as ground staff members also get the opportunity to travel at discounted rates.
  • Another benefit of working in the airlines industry is that one can get the chance to meet new people who are from different parts of the world or may be from varied backgrounds.
  • The employees at the airlines industry get training and career development opportunity on a continuous basis. Together with annual reviews, some aviation companies offer an annual financial incentive scheme to make sure that the contributions of the employees are recognized.

Scott Beale Aviation Says Why One Should Be Thinking Of A Career In The Airlines Industry

Besides all these, the airlines company can offer a number of other benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Personal and family travel passes
  • Insurance policies
  • Sick pays
  • Retirement program
  • Paid leaves
  • Profit sharing

In addition to this, most of the airlines offer wide pay range, full or part time employment, day offs, flexible schedule etc. Thus, it can be said that aviation industry offers a number of varied opportunities for thrilling and satisfying careers.

Scott Beale Aviation at present is working as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development at Tempus Applied Solutions. Earlier he has been associated with Aerodynamics Inc. as the President and CEO and as the Chief Executive officer and founder of FlightWorks. Prior to coming into this profession, Scott Beale has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from The Ohio State University.

Apart from having knowledge in strategic planning, management and aviation he has understanding about operations management, business strategy and development and interpersonal skills such as negotiation skills and customer service as well as leadership qualities.

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