Are You Scared Of Practical Driving Test? Tips To Overcome Fear

In order to get your driving license, it is essential that you clear the practical driving test. This test is meant for checking whether you can safely drive on the road under normal traffic conditions and you are also aware about various driving rules while driving on Highways. The test duration usually lasts for about 40 minutes.

Before you start your practical driving test, the person, who is going to take your test will ensure that your eyesight is normal. He will also ask you few simple questions about traffic rules to check whether you are aware of them.

Start the Test with Independent Driving

To start the test process, the examiner will ask you to drive for 10 minutes to check your driving capability. During that time, the examiner will notice whether you follow all the traffic signs and give proper indications while turning etc. This will ensure that you can drive safely without endangering any other people on the road.

During this test, you can accompany your driving instructor or anyone who is familiar with driving. However, it is better to take your instructor, so that he can correct you instantly, if you commit any silly mistake or you encounter any problem while driving. In case, you fail to qualify your test then instructor will be able to understand your weak points, so that he will help you to get out of it when you appear for next test.

What to do if you are Feeling Nervous

It is very common to feel little bit nervous when anyone appears for driving test. Most of you must have spent months in learning driving, however when someone notices you with focussed attention then it is quite normal to feel nervous. Following are few tips to get out of your nervousness.

  • You should appear for driving test only after you have practiced enough and developed enough confidence in driving. It is not good idea rush for driving test until your instructor tells that you are ready for the test. It is simply waste of your time and money too.

Even if you think that you are fast learner, you must at least spend 45 hours in learning driving lessons and 22 hours in actual driving. You may take your relatives and friends while driving and take their feedback and that will increase your confidence level.

  • Learn about various common mistakes due to which most people fail in their driving test and make sure that you never commit those mistakes. Therefore, you need to practice more so that you will not feel nervous when you appear for test.
  • You should not take too seriously about your nervous feeling. It is very natural and everybody feels nervous while appearing for driving test. Even the examiner also understands that. He is only interested to know whether you can drive in safe manner and understand all traffic rules well, while you are in driver’s seat.

Therefore, keep your cool and sleep well before appearing for driving test. You must also appear for the test at least 15 minutes earlier and remain focused.

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