Understanding Solar Panel Ratings

It seems that almost every Edmonton solar panels company out there is releasing efficient solar panels every now and then. With various solar companies claiming they are the best, it’s tough to see through the bustle.

Solar panel rating pertains to extent of power these panels produce and is sometimes the first thing that homeowners consider when buying solar panels. The higher solar rating means more power production.

In comparing solar panels, it is important to take into consideration the power output or power wattage. You may always hear from a solar installer the words “It’s a 255 Watt panel.” Or you may see from a quote from solar installers these numbers: 245W, 300W, or 345W next to the solar panel’s name. These all pertain to wattage, capacity and power output of a solar panel. So you may ask what the normal solar panel output is.

All solar panels have a rating of the amount in DC or direct current power they produce in standard test conditions. The power output of solar panels is expressed in watts and signifies the theoretical power production of the solar panel in ideal temperature and sunlight conditions.

Many solar panels sold today has a power output rating that ranges from 200 to 350 watts, with high power ratings mostly seen as the better one compared to panels with low power ratings. Pricing in solar panels is normally expressed in $/w or dollars per watt, and the solar panel’s wattage plays an important role in the total price of your solar system.

Why does Solar Panel Power Output Matter?

If you are deciding on purchasing or installing a solar panel system for your house or commercial property, the cost of the system is normally based on the overall power output of the solar panel measured in watts or kilowatts. The savings that you will get from your solar system is a product of the amount of electric energy that it produces on a specific span of time, which is measured in kilowatt-hours.

Size vs. Quantity: The Typical Solar Panel Ratings and Capacity

Power output along is not a total indicator of the quality and performance characteristics of a solar panel. There are solar panels that have high power output because of their big physical size and due to their high efficiency or technological advantage. That is why experts at Solarcor  Energy look at panel efficiency as a more suggestive criterion when it comes to performance strength of a solar panel instead of its capacity.

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