4 Great Gifts For Coffee Fans

While some of us would drink coffee just to follow a dish, for many people, this flavorsome drink has become a real delight close to addiction. So, if one of your friends is an avid coffee lover, presenting him/her with a ‘coffee fan gift’ is always a great solution for any occasion.

However, choosing a worthy present for a coffee fan may be quite tricky, especially if you know little about the art of coffee brewing. Here are some suggestions on what could make a great gift for a coffee lover.

  1. A manual grinder

Although there are hundreds of electric coffee grinding machines, having a manual grinder can be advantageous too. First of all, it is portable and requires no power supply, so your friend can always use it while camping or during electricity shut-off emergencies. Besides manual devices, such as a Turkish coffee grinder, for example, are normally decorated with beautiful ornaments, which make them serve as perfect decoration items to improve the interior design.

Finally, unlike most of the electric appliances, a manual grinder can produce the finest coffee powder which is needed to brew certain coffee types.

  1. Coffee set

Whenever you want to make a nice present to your coffee fan friend, a set of beautifully adorned cups will always be a great choice. These sets normally include several coffee cups with saucers, a dish for serving sugar, and a nice comfy tray. Some sets, like those you can get at One Stop Turkish Shop, may include metal casings and lids for cups to keep the coffee temperature high as long as possible.

And don’t worry if you know your friend has already got another set. Coffee fans are really fond of all sorts of coffee-related accessories, so you can be sure your present is a success as long as you can find an interesting and unusual item.

  1. An electric coffee maker

Before choosing an electric coffee maker for your friend, find out the type of coffee he/she prefers. There are plenty of mocca masters, electric cezves, and cappuccino brewers on the market. They usually offer a wide range of additional functions and modes, such as coffee beans grinding for example.

Normally these devices are not cheap, however, it is possible to find a good deal if you’re persistent enough. If you want to buy a really expensive one, consulting your friend beforehand is highly advisable.

  1. Electronic scale

Since any coffee gourmand would agree that the precision is the key to receiving the genuine taste and flavor while brewing coffee, getting an electronic scale as a gift for your coffee fan friend is surely a great decision. On average, you’ll need about 30 grams of ground coffee to prepare one coffee cup, and using a tablespoon to measure the amount of coffee is hardly an option for any coffee fan.

Most of these devices are small in size and can be powered by a regular battery. They take little space in the kitchen and can be used to measure all sorts of cooking products.

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