5 recipes and ways of using black masks

5 recipes and ways of using black masks

Activated charcoal tablets have a simple chemical composition – charcoal, oxygen, and hydrogen. Their absorbent properties are associated with a finely porous structure that attracts and absorbs dirt and grease from the pores, cleaning the face from the anchovy. This property of activated charcoal is used in medicine for poisoning, in the industry for cleaning air or water, and now in cosmetics – as the main component of cleansing masks.

Choosing from the variety of activated charcoal for dark spots highly effective in dealing with blackheads, it is necessary to be guided by the type of skin and those additional ingredients that are available.

Classical black mask for blackheads with activated charcoal

The recipe will need 2 tablets. Preparation and purified water. Grind the activated charcoal into a powder mixture, dilute it in water to the state of a cushy mass. The composition is applied to areas with problem points at 12-15 m and then washed off with pleasant temperature water.

Mask for blackheads – activated charcoal + gelatin

The sex tablets of the sorbent preparation are ground into a powder, then 2 tablespoons are added. Spoon gelatin, pre-heated in a microwave or on a water bath. The mixture is diluted 1 teaspoon. Milk or water and stir until it becomes thick, the consistency of sour cream.

To avoid thermal burn, the mask is cooled to room temperature and applied to the entire surface of the face with a special brush or fingers. Depending on the degree of pathology, the dried mask is removed after 10-15 minutes.

Black mask from activated charcoal + sea salt and aloe

Mixtures in a similar combination are characterized by cleansing, antiseptic, tightening and nourishing properties. To prepare the solution you need: activated charcoal (2 tablets), 1 tsp. freshly squeezed aloe juice, half teaspoonful. Sea or ordinary salt of fine grind, purified water and a few drops of tea oil. Actively acts against blackheads and acne. Keep reading http://www.skintuitionbeautytherapy.com/features-using-gelatin-mask-activated-charcoal/

Mask with activated charcoal + rose water

To clean the skin of a fatty type, a sorbing mask is suitable, in the content of which there are: activated charcoal (2 tablets), 1-2 drops of essential aromatic oil with the addition of rose water (1.5 tsp).

Accurately combined in the cream ingredients spread on the problem areas of the face, and after a quarter of an hour wash with water at room temperature. At the same time, the greasy shine is well removed.

Mask with activated charcoal and yogurt

2 tablets of activated charcoal, 1 tbsp. the sorbent is diluted 1 tsp. juice of freshly squeezed lemon, and then 2 tbsp. yogurt, which does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, and dyes. The application field mask remains on the affected areas for 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. Such a black mask not only eliminates black points but also contributes to skin detoxification.

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