Busting The 3 Biggest Myths In The Crafting World

In the wide and wonderful world of crafts, there are many different conceptions, opinions and ideas about various parts of it. It is a great thing that many people are talking about it because it is a great hobby to have, but some of the myths can be problematic if they cause a person who is considering crafting to get the wrong idea about it. Here we look at three of the biggest myths in the crafting world, and get to the truth behind them:

Crafting Is So Easy

Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the picture is, or how simple the tutorial appears, crafting is not always easy. If you already have some skills like knowing how to knit, knowing how to do basic woodwork, or knowing how to paint hard materials, then you may well find you can do craft projects yourself and save money, and do DIY yourself and save a lot of money hiring someone to do a job. However, the reality is if you have no experience of what you are doing and expect to be able to complete the project with all the tools, raw materials and a 5 minute video tutorial, you’re in for quite the shock.

The positive side of this truth is the fact it isn’t all doom and gloom. Just because you don’t know how to do the project right now doesn’t mean you can’t learn. As long as you’re enthusiastic and passionate about learning and willing to put the time and effort in, you can learn so much from reading books, watching videos and practising.

Busting The 3 Biggest Myths In The Crafting World

Crafting Doesn’t Cost Much

Crafting can be cheap, but it can also cost a lot of money depending on how ‘deep’ into your craft you want to go. Buying simple card making supplies like crayons and card and making a Thank You card can be cheap as chips. But the price of the craft certainly rockets when you start getting more professional with it adding expensive and bling embellishments, rare paper types, complicated cutting tools, stamps and so on. Even something as simple and cheap up front as specialist paints and good quality paper can start to get expensive when you add up how much it costs every time to use them.

The positive side of this truth is the fact that crafting can be done cheaply, and it can also save you some money as well. Learning certain crafting skills can save you tons, especially if it replaces you buying expensive items as new. For example, if your child dances and does dance competitions for a living, the costumes can be so expensive. If you know how to sew, you’re likely going to save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over time making the costumes yourself.

You Can Create Amazing Things Using Items In Your House

People who love crafting tend to hold on to everything and anything just in case it comes in handy for a craft project one day. It is likely you have a huge folder full of ideas you’re excited to try one day, that will at some point transform your cupboard of random kept objects into beautiful Pinterest worthy items.

Obviously items like stamps, sewing machines, cutting tools and full packs of card and material will come in handy, and will help you start a new project. But in reality, all the scrap paper, scrap material, pieces of wood, washed jars and other bits and bobs just won’t be used and will continue to take up space in your home.

The positive side of this truth is that with an organised mind (and cupboard) and the ability to focus and complete one project at a time, you can easily and cheaply turn household items into great things. You might have to grab a few bits and pieces for the project, but so what? You’re still making use of what you have at home. Plus, shabby chic is a huge thing right now, so there is more opportunity than ever to turn almost anything in your home into something amazing. Just make sure you’re choosy and value space over keeping everything little item ‘just in case’.

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