6 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

A great looking home always attracts excellent buyers, and the best way to do that is by adding value to the home and upgrading some of its accessories. Adding value to your home doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. You can do some amazing things to improve your home’s appeal without going overboard with the budget. Using the following tips, you can turn your home into something people would see themselves living in and enjoying every moment of it.

Paint the Place

While painting does improve the value, you can’t simply pick whatever color suits your present mood for a given room. You can surely paint each room according to your tastes, but the colors should be flattering and complementary to the décor or furniture. A new coat of fresh paint will give your home that updated look that screams value. So, go get some high grade paint and start painting.

Change the Cabinets

The condition of the cabinets often speaks to how much money and effort the owner was willing to put into maintenance of the property, meaning the condition can have an influence on property value. So, do the smart thing; upgrade your cabinets into something truly beautiful.

If they’re old and worn, change them and replace them with modern cabinet designs that promote a light-filled, airy and sophisticated kitchen. If they’re still in excellent shape, simply paint them and change their handles. Worst case scenario, have the cabinets refaced and apply a coat of paint. That always perks them up.

Upgrade Your AC/Heating System

If your Ac and heating system are both outdated or haven’t been upgraded, serviced or maintained in a long while it’s time to do that. Upgrade your AC and choose one with a Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) of 16-21.

These ACs are fantastic moneysavers and automatically adjust to the temperature of each season to deliver maximum performance whilst shaving a tidy chunk off your energy bills. The same goes for your heating system. Make sure that it’s functioning at peak performance. Check for air leakages, drafts and anything that could compromise the efficacy of these appliances and have them fixed.

Install a Granite Kitchentop

Although pricey, granite kitchen-tops are famous for enhancing your home’s value and driving up its price. So it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. If you want to go ahead with it make sure you take the necessary steps to maintain and keep it gleaming. Avoid any scratches and deal with any stains immediately.

Reduce Energy Costs

Nowadays, lots of people are talking about green living. Upgrade your home’s value by adopting energy saving costs and measures. Change all your light bulbs to either LED bulbs or energy saving bulbs. Use low energy emitting bulbs.

These often pay for themselves within a few month of use and typically last longer than the conventional light bulbs. If you have no idea how to reduce your energy costs, get in touch with an energy audit expert. They’ll be able to show you what you need to do to cut costs on your energy usage without compromising on your comfort.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Something as simple as trimming your hedges, mowing the lawn, painting over chipped surfaces, cleaning your storm door, fixing up your driveway, and even cleaning your roof will go a long way in improving your home’s look. Also, plant flower shrubs over bald spots and fix your door if it’s old. If it isn’t old, painting the door is a good way to make it seem even newer.

Using these few tips, you’ll be able to significantly increase your home’s value and outlook.

Oscar King is a property appraiser by profession working in the Orlando area. He frequently helps people with learning the value of thier home, and even offers suggestions for improving value. While he can’t help with all of the above, for air conditioning he usually refers his clients to Facemyer AC. You can find more information about him on Google+.

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