Where To Get Your Car Oiled and Lubricated

Everybody knows that they should get the oil of their vehicle changed in a periodical manner as it becomes less and less effective as the time passes and more than protecting the engine it starts to wear off the engine of your vehicle if not changed on a timely basis.

What is the Right Time to Change the Oil?

Although your mechanic would tell you the right time when you should change the engine oil but as a general thumb of rule, you must change it when your vehicle has completed about thousand miles running after the last oil change. Some of the manufacturers recommend changing of engine oil after running for 7500 miles but this number is based on the testing done in standard operating conditions which are not applicable to the real life operating conditions. So it is highly recommended to change oil after your vehicle has run for about 1000 to 2000 miles and not delay it. It will improve the engine performance incredibly while increasing the mileage of your vehicle.

Where To Get Your Car Oiled and Lubricated

In Victoria BC, you can find several dealers who provide the oil changing and servicing to vehicles but it is not just any service that you would trust with your vehicle. Oil Change Victoria is an award winning service provider which follows all the safety standards while dealing with a vehicle’s service. At Oil Change Victoria, we make sure that all the safety tests and inspection tests are conducted and a due process of oil change is followed including the road test and BCAA inspection and refill the oil in your vehicle as prescribed by the manufacturer. In addition there are several types of oil changes offered by us including the basic category oil change, premium category oil change as well as green category oil change. All these categories of oil change require different BCAA testing and safety protocol which needs to be followed.

Who we are?

We are also Victoria transmission repair where we provide services including transmission repair and service, repairing the fuel system, steering and suspension, replacing oil, fluid and filter as well as provide external and computer diagnosis services.

Victoria transmission repair provides several automotive repair and parts replacement services. We take care of our customers and provide responsible servicing to their vehicles while guiding them to take better care of their automobiles.

Customers can talk to us through our knowledge centre and can also make an appointment with us online. Our expert and registered technicians will be available to provide you with the best of our services in your own time and comfort.

We also provide the pick-up and drop-off services for the vehicles of our customers in case they are deeply crunched for time. You only have to go online and fix a time along with your contact details to let us know when and where you would like your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off and we will be there available to your rescue. We are here waiting to provide our award winning services to our fellow Victorians throughout the week from Monday to Friday.

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