How To Make Perfect Pasta

It doesn’t get much better than a plate of fresh, homemade pasta. But how do you make that perfect plate of pasta? Check out these tips for improving your pasta-making skills.

It doesn’t get much better than homemade pasta. Learn how to make it perfect every time.

Have the Right Tools

According to the Expert Interview Series: Emilio Mitidieri on Perfect Pasta, making the perfect pasta starts with having the right tools for the type of pasta that you plan to make. For example, if you intend to prepare agnolotti dal pin, you’ll need a high-quality pasta dough sheeter, otherwise known as a laminator.

Other tools you may need include an ingredient scale, measuring cups and other essential items. Be sure that you have the necessary tools before preparing the pasta recipe to avoid getting halfway through the pasta-making process and realizing you lack an essential item.

Choose Quality Ingredients

Another important step in making the perfect pasta is buying high-quality ingredients. Thoroughly read the pasta recipe and make a list of required ingredients before you go shopping. Choose high-quality flour, fresh, local eggs and other quality ingredients. When you start with quality ingredients, you’re most likely to enjoy a perfect result.

Consider Your Method

Do you plan to prepare the pasta by hand or will you use a pasta machine? Learning to make pasta by hand is important and can help solidify your pasta-making skills. However, a pasta machine can speed the process, result in more uniform pasta and more. You may make your first few batches of pasta by hand before investing in a pasta machine. Pasta recipes can vary slightly based on your method. For example, more water is often required for pasta made with machines.

Choose the Right Recipe

Which type of pasta do you enjoy? Answering this question can help guide you to the perfect recipe. If you make a kind of pasta that you prefer, you’ll more fully appreciate the pasta-making process. And this can provide a better result. Choosing the right pasta recipe also involves verifying that your chosen method was developed by a professional. Professionally developed recipes include accurate ingredient lists and measurements. They also include accurate and informative preparation steps.

Measure Accurately

Making the perfect pasta also involves measuring your ingredients accurately. Use an electronic scale to measure your flour. Read the recipe’s ingredient list thoroughly to avoid misreading a crucial detail. By measuring your ingredients accurately, you’ll close the door on the most common pasta-making mistake.

Hone your pasta-making skills by investing in the right tools and quality ingredients, by choosing the right recipes, by accurately measuring your ingredients and more. Soon, you’ll be making pasta at home like a pro to the delight of your friends and family.

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