How Technology Is Advancing Cosmetic Surgery

Technology has made leaps and bounds in the medical field; cosmetic surgery is no different. The days of multiple cuts and incisions for cosmetic surgery are fading behind us. Less invasive methods are being used, and allowing recovery for patients to be easier. Here are some options that are quickly becoming popular.

How Technology Is Advancing Cosmetic Surgery


Exciis is becoming a popular option for the face. It uses radio frequencies to tighten skin and melt fat on the face, neck, stomach and anywhere there is loose skin. One of the benefits of using Exciis is the cost is fairly low; the average is $300 to $400 per session. It is a very fast procedure as well.


Ultherapy is new technology that uses ultrasound to let the doctor see the waves hitting under the skin. This new procedure is FDA-approved, and many top plastic surgeons are beginning to use this natural option to tighten areas of the face. It is commonly used to treat the whole face area and neck; it creates collagen in the face.

Our body responds to this treatment by gradually lifting the skin and smoothing links and wrinkles. While patients will see great results using Ultherapy, top plastic surgeons still say that this doesn’t give the drastic results like a facelift. It is a great, cheaper alternative.

Endoscope Usage

Endoscopes have been used by other doctors for years, but plastic surgeons are now seeing the benefits it can provide to the cosmetic surgery field. Endoscopes can be inserted into the body through a very small incision. It then transmits the view of the tissues to a TV screen. Top plastic surgeons are now using this technology to perform brow lights and fix jowl and facial sagging.


While SmartLipo isn’t very new, it is becoming increasingly popular. Developed in 2007, it’s a laser assisted liposuction technique. It is FDA approved for the use of fat dissolution. The end results between SmartLipo and standard liposuction show that they produce the same results, yet the recovery from SmartLipo is much easier. There are a few benefits to using tumescent liposuction.

  • Less blood loss
  • More fat can be safely removed at one sitting
  • Great option for localized fat excess


There is another new alternative to liposuction called CoolSculpting. This is a nonsurgical procedure that freezes and liquefies fat in the cells. It is then excreted through pores in the cells, picked up by the circulatory system and then eliminated over a few weeks.

  • Cold targets the fat cells.
  • It doesn’t cause any damage to skin or the surrounding tissue.
  • It is FDA approved.
  • Results are long term.

Breast Surgeries

Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery, partly due to the rise of breast cancer. Recently, the FDA has approved implants that are shaped or form stable, silicone breast implants. They are designed to have the natural tear drop look to the breast.

Another popular option is breast enlargement through fat grafting. In this procedure, fat is removed from another area of the body by liposuction. It is then made into liquid and injected into the breast. The only downside is that long term clinical trials have not been completed, so the total success rate is still unsure.

Fat grafting is being used for other options such as:

  • Buttock implants
  • Buttock lifting

New technology is exciting, and the top plastic surgeons around the country are utilizing these advances. The goal of these advancements are to give the patient more options and to make the procedures less invasive. Over time, we will see more advancements. With them, cosmetic surgery will be more accessible to people due to budget friendly options. The future of cosmetic surgery is changing.

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