Where To Live After A Job Relocation

First of all, congratulations on the new job. Relocating to a new town for a new job is one of the most exciting reasons to call moving services, especially if the job is a big step up in salary or prestige. Depending on your particular situation, there are multiple ways to tackle the biggest question you’ll face: “Where am I going to live?

Corporate Housing

If it hasn’t come up yet, check with your company regarding their corporate housing options. These are more common at bigger places,, so if you’re working for a Fortune 500 company, there’s a better chance that they’ll have furnished corporate housing options available as soon as you arrive in town. Many corporate apartments are even located close to your new workplace, so you won’t have to worry about a ridiculously long commute on your first day of work. If your assignment is only going to last a year or two, a corporate apartment should be the perfect fit. But even if it’s a permanent assignment, you’ll have enough to think about when you’re learning the ropes and settling in at your new office. A fully-furnished apartment for the first year or so of your stay can allow you to focus on the job at first, then move to more settled housing once you’ve fully gotten your feet underneath you.

Real Estate Agents

Once you decide it’s time to get a house, you’ll want a real estate agent who knows the area like the back of their hand. Whether you’re bringing a spouse and children or coming on your own, a good real estate agency is invaluable. You can start calling before you even hop in the car or get on the plane. Start building a relationship with the team who is going to help you find your dream home, and the process will likely be easier once you actually arrive in town. The process of buying a house can also vary wildly from one state to another, so even if you have a pretty good idea of how real estate works in Minnesota, that doesn’t mean you’ll be familiar with the way things work in New Jersey. You’ve got enough on your mind, so go ahead and find someone who can list the differences between a bungalow and a ranch house without even breaking a sweat.

From the Ground Up

Once you’ve been in town a couple of years and are confident that both your job and family situation won’t be changing anytime soon, start exploring the idea of building your own house.  This is perfect for people who love to customize things to their preferences. Can’t find a good home with a garden tub? Well, you can build your own. If you want a fireplace, build a fireplace. Have you always wanted stained glass windows in the living room? Now’s your chance. Heck, if you want a lazy river running through the middle of the house, build a lazy river running through the middle of the house (although you should know that particular feature isn’t going to be cheap). Another nice thing about building your own home is that you’ll have a ton of options for maximizing energy efficiency. Older houses are more likely to run up high heating and cooling bills, but your house is going to be as new as it gets. As a bonus, there’s often a lot of housing construction in up-and-coming neighborhoods, so you might be living in one of the hottest parts of town in five or ten years. It’s always better to be ahead of the trend rather than chasing it from a distance.

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