Online Dating Has Changed and The Young Crowd Prefer Apps Over Websites

When you think of online dating, you probably conjure up images of sitting in front of a computer screen trying to think of something witty and charming to write on your profile. Then, once it is published you will either begin looking through the thousands of profiles with the hopes of finding a match or staring at your inbox, waiting for the messages to start rolling in. The thing about online dating, well… Traditional online dating websites, is that it takes time. It takes time to create a profile. It takes time filling out the unnecessarily long personality/compatibly tests. It takes time to get messages and even going through the profiles of singles.

All of this is fine and well for people who have the time to dedicate to online dating via websites, but for those who are really pressed for time, like the younger generation who has to have everything within seconds, online dating has evolved into something more. With apps like Tinder, they streamline the whole process where you can either swipe left or right on a picture.

We won’t deny that traditional online dating sites are widely popular and dating apps are quickly gaining popularity among the younger crowd. Why, there are approximately 26 million matches made on Tinder every day, and their leaders continue to invest in the company to maintain its demographic. They even went so far as to launch Tinder Plus, charges singles over 30 years old $20 a month to use—this is twice as much as the premium service the younger users.

The problem with apps like Tinder, is that they focus purely on looks. You know that saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, the same can be said about how a person looks. How many times have you interacted with someone who is incredibly beautiful but doesn’t have any personality to speak of. Or they aren’t quite attractive as you are used to dating, but they could be exactly what you are looking for, personality wise and you’d never give them a chance because they don’t look the part.

With dating via a website, you have that profile to back up the picture. You have the opportunity to get a better glimpse of who that person is and make you choice based on a much more complete picture than just a picture. The dating website gives you a much more realistic experience when it comes to meeting people you’d like to go out with.

Whether you are a young person using a dating app on your phone, if you are an older person using a website on your computer, or you find yourself somewhere in between, everyone has their own preference as to how they want to date and everyone find different successes with their choice. The only thing that matters is that you are finding love, you are being safe about it, and enjoying the process.

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