Tips To Get You Started For GMAT, GRE and CAT Exam Preparation

GMAT, GRE and CAT exam and CAT Preparation need dedication, commitment and hard work. It is not really easy starting up and do it, since they are the selection tests that rank as one of the toughest competitive examination. Let’s explore some of the tips to get yourself started for CAT or GRE preparation.

Make an honest review of where you stand: Lets just put us in this. Stop procrastinating. You know you will get that big job after MBA but you are just too lazy to get yourself started. Don’t deprive the world of your talents. Just sit up and do some self reflection of yours. Write it on a paper. Secure that paper.

Make an attempt of previous years question papers: The best way to turn away the fear of an examination, is to face it. Download the previous year’s solved question paper, switch off your mobile, or anything that might get you distracted and start working on the problem. Don’t set any time limit this time. After you are done, just review how solved answers with your answers. Mark the differences.

Be an avid reader: The most successful people spend two hours of their day in reading. Be a versatile reader and read almost anything that is coming across your way. Be it fashion, business, home décor, or a newspaper. Just read.

Stay calm and Get some rest: Anxiety and stress is natural, but don’t let them take the energy in you. Store the energy by keeping calm and resting at the right time. Six hours of sleep is enough to get the brain cells recharged.

Get the guidance from the people who have taken and aced the test themselves.
If we are developing the relationship with a mentor and seeking a guidance from them, then that would help us show us the rope. The mentors can provide a view of the upcoming challenges that the test takers are about to face while preparation so that they can work on that.

Last but not the least: GET yourself going: “You got a dream, you got to protect it, people can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it, you want something, Go Get it. Period.” This is a quote from Chris Gardner, an American entrepreneur, investor, stockbroker, motivational speaker who even had to go homeless in his road to success with his toddler son.

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