Mark And Track School Supplies With A Unique Custom Label Set

Books, bags, lunch boxes and all the paraphernalia that kids have to lug along, a new year at school can seem like a tiresome affair for all involved, along with the chance of losing that odd pencil box or water bottle. How about a change of scene? Well marked with labels and tags, belongings can be kept track of much easier. With more schools making it the tagging of belongings mandatory, it may only be for the good of the children.

 The DIY route

Glue, scissors, paper, markers, and scotch tape. You could use these to get innovative – write out your child’s name and stick the label on all school material, be it a notebook or school bag. Cut them into appropriate sizes and then stick them on.

You could include their favourite animated character stickers alongside or glitter pens for added colour. This is wonderful way to involve kids in activities and get them to pitch in while getting ready to head back to school. It is time-consuming, and getting the perfect sizes and cut on the paper stickers could prove to be tricky -your child may need supervision! Nevertheless, it is a rewarding experience.

Use a labelling machine

There are many labelling machines available that allow you to create and print out labels for anything you’d like to mark. Some offer font customising and symbols, colour and different size choices. However, unless you are going to label and organise a lot around the home, it may seem like an expensive investment to get if you are only going to label school supplies.

Get it made to order

If you feel like you need something more personal to label your belongings – perhaps something that screams ‘you’ – worry not! At Printstop, the online printing store, we have the option of personalized label printing, available in 2 sizes, and we can make your labelling machine ideal just for your labelling needs! And how about all these delivered at your doorstep? Effortless and smart, you can create label sets to match your child’s preference without breaking a sweat or stepping out of your home. Read on to find out how!

School stationery or supplies, tags for backpacks or bookmarks, even shoes – Printstop offers a unique solution to deal with the ordeal of labelling all these and more. We even offer durable and waterproof sets can be pre-printed. These stickers come in a selection of packs that are thoughtfully pre-cut to enable you to just peel and stick them on.

What’s more? You can choose from hundreds of ready-to-use templates. If you are feeling artsy or want your child’s personality reflected in their stationery, Printstop also has the option of the “Pehchaan” range where you can upload your own design for these label sets.

Order, get set go

Available online, you can now do this whenever you want and in a hassle-free manner, asPrintstop offers a handy price calculator to keep tab of your expenses!Labelling school stationery no longer has to be an arduous and expensive exercise. On offer, are special designs for boys and girls too!

Order today for this machine to be directly delivered to your doorstep. Go ahead, browse through the samples online – or even better -try it for yourself and watch yourself become enamoured by the designs!

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