5 Best L-Shaped Sofa Designs That Your Living Room Must Have

Coming home to space where you can unwind after a tiring day is a blessing. A sofa is one such piece of furniture that not only adorns the beauty of your living room but also provides you the necessary comfort. Irrespective of your hectic day, if your home possesses a cozy sofa set for you to snuggle in, you can relax and attain some peace of mind.

L-shaped sofas feature a design that provides excellent support for the back. You can read your favorite book, watch a movie, or just lay back on it without any hassle. With a ravishing sofa design in your living room, your guests would want to host movie nights or casual hangouts at your place. With so many designs of L-shaped sofas online, you can choose the one that fits well in your house and complements the decor.

When buying a sofa, it is recommended to know your preference of style, material, size, and your budget. Considering these factors, shopping for L-shaped sofas would be easier. To help you solve your confusion of designs, here are a few design listings that will suit best for different decor styles:

Oslo/Hamburg Leatherette Lounger:

The Oslo Leatherette Lounger, a 3-seater L-shaped sofa with chaise lounger, features left as well right-hand configurations. It perfectly jazzes up those empty and tricky living room corners. This sofa is an ideal fit for compact spaces where you want to utilize even the basic corner space. It gives the living room a more spacious look.

You can style it up in any of the corners, whether left or right, without any trouble. It comes in colors like beige and grey with cushions. The hardwood finishing on top of the chaise lounger can be used as an end table for eating or decorative purposes.

Marcelo Fabric Lounger:

This cutesy looking sofa is perfect for smaller living spaces. Designed with both left and right configurations, it will give your room an aesthetic touch. Be it modern or contemporary decor, the eclectic mix of two-tone upholstery will surely complement the room style. It comes in color coordination with printed throw cushions.

The chaise lounger at the end features a curvy design giving it an elegant look. You can use it as a seat or as a tabletop. Moreover, it has an elastic seat belt webbing with foam that makes it comfortable for seating. You can find these sofas in color sets of either beige and brown or grey and black.

Jupiter Fabric Lounger:

This exquisite 6-seater sofa will add a touch of grandeur to your living room. It comes in a tone of mocha and cream that will complement any contemporary decor. It is composed of a left and right side manual recliner, two armless chairs, and a straight console. You can use the manual controls at the bottom edge of the sofa to open up the recliners. Standing true to promise of comfort, it is a perfect combination of style and function.

You can now relax and binge-watch movies with your family or friends without having to adjust your seat. The armrests at the end of the sofa have a curvy design making your naptimes safe and comfortable.

Paddington Fabric Lounger:

A cute, compact-sized sofa, it is suitable for a small living room. It can accommodate up to 3 people easily. It features a rounded armrest for a comfortable naptime and a tufted backrest design for full back support. You can use the chaise lounger as extra seating or as a tabletop. It comes in different colors such as blue, beige, grey, and brown. The floral printed throw cushions add a touch of elegance to the sofa’s look. You can buy this set either with a left-hand side configuration or with a right-hand side configuration.

Wilfred Solid Wood Lounger:

If you are the one with a simplistic taste, then this one is for you. The Wilfred lounger will add a sophisticated look to your living room decor. Designed with both left and right configurations, it can suit both sides rightly. This piece is yet another lounger for small spaces that will fit right just in any corner, giving you ample space in the center. It is available in grey and brown colors. The Nozag spring and elastic webbing provide a comfortable seat.

It’s Time to Make a Choice

Be it any design you prefer, an L-shaped sofa should be an amalgamation of comfort and looks. It should enhance the look of your living room while bedecking it with a pleasant space. You can buy L-shaped online from the designs mentioned above or go for a something completely out-of-the-box, the choice is yours!

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