How To Effectively Apply Social Media Marketing For Your Mobile App

How To Effectively Apply Social Media Marketing For Your Mobile App

Competition is tough in the app stores, with several options available for download on one subject alone. So how do you make sure that yours stand out and get the attention in terms of download and profits? Through effective social media marketing.

Apart from creating a highly-interactive mobile application with a user-friendly interface, it needs a kick-ass online presence too. This is why many Professional software companies near me not only create mobile applications but also have a marketing department to handle their promotions.

No marketing plan ever worked without a proper strategy in place. Hence, for your app, you would need a decent plan in order, and we have one laid out for you.

  • User-Created Content

This one is the easiest and most effective way to market your app. Since you are using the content generated by the users about your app in the forms of texts, videos, images, and even audios on social media to market your app further, generating profits.

Take the classic Starbucks for example.

It’s a fact that people are most likely to listen to their friend’s recommendations – around 90% of the consumers do. So when you do get content created by a user where they speak about your app, simply re-share it on to your web app’s official social media pages.

This will build the trust of your potential customers, build your online presence, and increase conversion rate. You can achieve the desired user-content if you are precise about your web app from the beginning. Things like what it is about, what problem does it solve, and the branding – these need to be specific so that your users are on the same page as your brand.

There is so much you can do with your user-content, depending on your strategies. However, you can also do a call-to-action gig, where you ask your audience to engage in a campaign, under a specific hashtag related to your app in some shape or form.

  • Start Exciting Contests

Again, this strategy is entirely up to you and how you choose to use it. As a suggestion, a fun contest can be used to get the winners to use your app on a free trial run. This way, not only are you marketing your app to a potential user, but, if successful, they might spread the word initiating ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing.

In any way, make sure to incorporate your app into the contest. However, make sure the contest is light, fun, or is serving a noble purpose – something that incites them to participate.

  • Quora It

Considering you an expert in your niche (which is your mobile application), you can use Quora to contribute by answering important and relevant questions while subtly promoting your app. The trick is not to make it look like blatant and well, shameless promotion of your mobile app.

Build your credibility on Quora by giving answering in-depth and in detail. Once your profile is built there, along with your reputation as an informed contributor – it is up-hill from there. Now, it is your job to smartly speak of your app into the answer you are curating. It wouldn’t be hard since you will be catering to questions that are in line with the problem your app solves.

  • Influencer Marketing

This works best when you are asking influencers to market your mobile app honestly as they see fit. Unless you are running a dedicated campaign, then you have the steering wheel. Influencers who have a large following, come in handy when you don’t have that many downloads and the app is in its first cycle, since launch.

Reviews are all the rage – so you can either go that route and pitch your app to the right influencers, or you could go the promotional content path. Your pick!

If these worthy web app marketing ideas do not suit you just yet, then try using paid ads. The record shows 49% of mobile app download rates through these paid ads. So this could be the one solution for your marketing woes. However, nothing beats good social media marketing. So, good luck, and be sure to experiment with these.

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Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write. He currently works at Custom Mobile app development companies that offers top-notch Mobile app development services to clients across the globe.

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