Best Afternoon Tea Party Menu

Hosting afternoon tea parties to enjoy a light meal with your family and friends is a classic British tradition. The aim of these tea parties is to spend the smooth afternoon with some of family friends to share a joyful sip of tea along with some scrumptious food items to compliment your mini celebration. Anyone can through a tea party anytime and depending on one’s budget. However, if you have any specific reason to celebrate then the menu becomes a little more sophisticated. However, every tea party has some basic items to be served that make a simple tea party look lavish and also give tasteful source of enjoyment.

Sandwiches are the key item of the tea party menu. It is because they are light, contain extremely delicious fillings that can easily fulfill your appetite. Sandwiches can vary according to the mood; need and season like there are plain cheese sandwiches, chicken fillet sandwiches, and beef cheese sandwiches, veggie cheese sandwich, grilled sandwiches and many more. It all depends on you if you want to keep the meal heavy or just make it a light diet meal.

Scones also give a very delectable taste to your tea. They can be served with various fillings like your favorite raspberry jam, cherries jam, or any spread you like to put in it. You can also keep various spreading separately to let the guest enjoy their own favorite one.

Tea Cakes can also vary from different flavors to lip-smacking types like Sponge cakes can make a very yummy addition to a normal tea party. Then there are egg free cakes, gluten free cakes and many more other varieties that you can easily get with online cake delivery UK.

Biscuits are also very crunchy addition to your soft and moist tea party. Chocolate biscuits, oatmeal raisin cookies, hazelnut biscuits, or short bread are some of the most luscious variety of biscuits one can have on a tea party.

Pan pizza is also a very mouthwatering item one can keep for a tea party. Where all the things are getting so sugary and sweet, pan pizza can become the best alternative meal to have while you sip your favorite tea. You can keep them in small pieces so that they are easy to pick and eat with the tea. You can make simple cheese pizza, vegetable pizza, or sausages pizza to keep it light and within the tea party mood.

Chicken and cheese patties will also serve to be a fruitful tea party item. These spectacular patties can simply crush in your mouth with their cheesy flavor and a very nominal salty taste giving you a delightful taste.

Cheesy potatoes pie is a very delicate food item you can choose to include in your tea party menu. It can also vary into some lustrous sweet flavored delight if you always like your pie to be just sweet. However, this cheesy potatoes pie would bring your guests into flavorsome mood and would really inspire them for your thoughtful menu.

Meat balls also make a spicy way into your tea party table as all other things would be very syrupy and you need to compliment them with a very different dish. These meat balls can be a very attractive dish for children especially if there are any on your tea party.

So try all these dishes in combination to arrange a fabulous tea party at your home.

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