Realities Faced By High School Athletes

Among young people, sports are an excellent method to learn valuable teamwork skills, stay in shape and build relationships. However, sports in high schools are more than just about games and fun. With ultra-competitive atmosphere, parental pressures and hopes for gaining scholarships, some high school students could actually crumble slowly under the pressure. Sports performed by high school students often evolve into high-stake games, because athletes need to persevere under huge pressure. They could start the competition under the intense pressure of the over-eager coaches and dads.

In fact, it is parents who are aspiring to see their children to get involved in college teams and major leagues. However, we should be aware that not all students can evolve into professional athletes. Students often don’t want let their parents and teammates down. Although students feel that they are starting to crack under the immense pressure, they can’t afford to see others question their self image and confidence. Parents also want students to be active in sports, because this will ease the financial burden related to college tuition and other costs. Earning a scholarship and some financial payments should allow us to fulfil these goals.

In reality, only about 2 percent high school athletes are able to receive proper scholarships. Teenagers often can’t handle social lives and other activities. They should have the drive to win and they need to become the very best. Many unrealistic expectations are set due to the winners take all mentality. This unhealthy mindset my sap the excitement and fun out of sports. In reality, high school sports are designed to help build well-rounded adults. Like professional athletes, high school students also need to deal with the constant and repetitive movements; this could make fractures, muscle tears and damaged joints more likely to happen.

It is not too uncommon to hear that high school students need surgical procedures to deal with their sports-related injuries. Although these surgeries are often successful, it is still disturbing to hear that young teenagers need such medical treatment. Coaches should design sports that can really help students to stay in better physical shape and build better mental situation. We should be aware that sports in high school could create the in-crowd mentality and students who don’t make the cut will be excluded. It is not possible to expect each teen in the higher school to become shining athletic superstars. In reality, teenagers could be allowed in to participate in high school sports; not just as athletes but also in managerial, administration, finance, marketing and operational positions.

This will allow students who are not inclined to sports activities to not being put in real disadvantage. Schools should show how each student is equal, despite of their positions or specifically their sports performance. Sports in high school should be brought back to their real, original purpose: fun and stay healthy. It could take time to change the overall outlook of sports competition. This should allow teenagers to play various forms of sports, instead of participating in cutthroat competition.

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