Sangli: A Pretty Hamlet, A Lesser Known Marvel

Sangli is known as the Turmeric City of India, and is an essential city of Maharashtra. Although lesser known in the travel world, it is the spot where Marathi theater was born. Before independence, Sangli was ruled by the regal group of Patwardhan’s. Stuffed with various temples, bridges and wildlife sanctuaries, Sangli is a window that leads us into our rich historic past. A pleasant spot to loosen up in the lap of the mystic hill slopes, and a shopping hub, it is guaranteed that an outing to this city won’t disappoint the curious traveller in you.

Sangli is located pretty much near Mumbai, so you can either go for car rentals, taxi service or along with the best of company, drive your way to this beautiful Maharashtrian hamlet. When you reach Sangli, ensure that you visit around its major attractions, of which the most praiseworthy are specified underneath –

Bahubali Hill Temples

The Bahubali Hill Temples are situated close to Sangli, around 50 minutes away by road. The sanctuaries of Bahubali hill got their name after the hills they are located on. The temple has a 28 feet tall marble statue of sage Bahubali. The premises of the temple, in like manner, have the 24 Tirthankaras. Admirers and devotees throng these havens constantly to seek blessings.

Bagetil Ganpati

This Ganapati in Sangli is known as ‘Bagetil Ganapati’. This temple is on Sangli Haripur Road which is astoundingly beautiful to look at, has a pleasant and an ethereal feel around it. This spot was moreover, a sacred and profoundly respected spot for the royal family of Patwardhan’s. The inhabitants of Sangli have full faith in this temple. In this haven, Ganesh Chaturthi is commended with full grandeur and show, which is a scene worth experiencing.


This place lies on the edges of Miraj and Kavathe Mahankal area. Sitting at the Miraj-Pandharpur Road, Dandoba Hill Station is just 25 minutes drive travel from Sangli. It is located around Dandoba Hills, which is a protected forest locale. Here, there is a sanctuary that sprawls across more than a couple of acres of land with the old castle of King Shankara at the hill of Dandoba.

Prachitgad Fort

An initiative by the Maratha Emperor Shivaji Maharaj, the Prachitgad is a fortress that is in existence since the time of Lord Shiva. There is a deep valley that you’ll find here while you ascend up the Prachitgad Fort. To reach Prachitgad, passing this valley, there are a couple of stepping pedestals made of iron. At the fortification, there are stables, an old sanctuary, ‘tofa’, which are little caves which have a little lake. Amid this enterprising trek, you get the chance to see numerous wild creatures also.

Sangli Fort

The Sangli Fort, situated in the heart of the city, constituted the Rajwada Palace and an awesome exhibition hall in past times. Today, the fort has been transformed into to a Revenue and Collector’s Office. It houses a Marathi school too.

Sangli can be a very feasible, relaxing, and a sweet getaway destination from Mumbai and Pune, both. Whether you take a Mumbai to Pune taxi to relish the offerings of Pune first, and head to Sangli afterward, or straight away reach Sangli, you are surely going to cherish the whole experience. Dig in, and explore the treasures!

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