Making Your Popup Display Have An Impact Beyond The Display Area

If you’re looking at creating an amazing popup display, it is likely your first thought will be getting the design right. Afterall, if the display doesn’t look very good, those walking past it simply won’t take any notice and you won’t have much impact in the environment the display is in. However, when creating your display stand it is also important to remember that the impact the stand has is only limited by your strategy. Of course you want those walking past to take notice and engage with the display, but what about those who aren’t able to reach the trade show or environment the stand is in? It is possible to create a display stand that has a much bigger impact than you might initially consider, here’s how:


Your display stand needs to be interactive so that passers by not only see it, but they engage with it. Have signs pointing to areas with more information, to products, to people who can offer services. Why not have samples of the product you are promoting? You could even have a background related to the campaign printed on a roll up banner with a hashtag customers can use when uploading themselves on a picture in front of it. If you are advertising a new product you could place a label like ‘I enjoyed XXX with XXX at the London Trade Show’ on the banner. Encourage people to do this by using a fun background or offering a free gift at the stand if they upload with the picture using the hashtag given. You could offer free massages, fancy dress pictures or the ability to try out your product.

Think about fun ways you can get people to interact with your stand so they not only come over and have a look, but stay with you for longer so your business can have much more of an impact on them.

Social Media And Sharing

Social media and sharing is your ticket to making your popup stands have a huge impact far reaching the crowd at the trade show. As above, encouraging hashtag use and picture uploads and shares is a great idea, and you can link those images and shares to your social media accounts.

Before the show it is important you advertise the display as much as possible, letting people know you will be there, what you will have on offer and how fun it is going to be. Don’t be afraid to share images of your team setting up, and show high quality pictures of any products on offer there. You want your followers to not only want to visit themselves, but to tell other people to come as well. Any offers you will be providing on the day, make sure you let people know about them via social media. Money off certain products, samples and free gifts should be shouted about. You should also ensure you clearly ask people to interact with you on social media listing your different social media pages and handles on your display and on your marketing material.


You should have plenty of leaflets, cards and signage to give to people when they interact with your stand. Leaflets should be designed to give to people on entering so they visit your stand, and to go into their bags when they purchase items from you. If people aren’t sure about making a purchase there and then, make sure you have a clear, attractive leaflet or card to give them so they know how to find out more information about you when they leave the trade show. You could even offer an extended discount on products with a special code given out at the show. And don’t forget to place advertising on the bags you pack sold items in as well – you want others at the trade show to notice your name, and people away from the trade show to look you up as well.

Email Signup

One of the most valuable things you can collect at the stand is data and contact information, so you are able to contact customers about your services long after the show is over. At the very least you should be asking customers to sign up to your newsletter letting them know what’s in it for them, whether its recipe tips, insider information on the industry or promotional codes and special offers.

It’s easy to think about the immediate effect of your display stand when you are designing it, but don’t forget to think bigger and better – the impact it has is only limited by your strategy, so be smart and watch how big a reach you can really have.

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