Exciting Activities That Aren’t Going Abroad!

Staying at home this year? No sun, sea and sand for you? Don’t get too upset because a ‘staycation’ can be just as good as that holiday to the Caribbean you’re dreaming of, ok probably less warm but you’ve gotta make the most of what you’ve got right?

It’s surprising just how many people in the UK have not travelled in their own country. Save some pennies this year and instead of planning an all-inclusive why not take a few mini city breaks and plan some fun activities to do whilst on your travels?

There are some absolutely stunning areas to visit in the UK, so why not make the most of it and hop on the train for a long weekend. We’ve rounded up some of the best destinations, sights and activities for the UK whether you’re a solo traveller, family or group of adults!

  1. A Breath-taking View

The Lake District makes for a perfect few days of walking whilst digesting all of the breathtakingly stunning views which are on offer. So dust off those walking boots if scenery and nature is up your street!

  1. Visit Roman Baths

A city rich in history and culture, Bath offers a unique yet stylish setting. Check in at one of the city’s many boutique hotels and spend a couple of days soaking in all there is to know about Bath! The Roman Baths are an absolute must-do and if you’re a food then you’re in luck. Bath offers an extensive array of fine dining, quirky cafes and cute coffee shops.

  1. Go Snowboarding

Think you have to trawl halfway across Europe to hit the slopes? Think again. The Milton Keynes snowdome boasts a real slope covered in over 1700 tonnes of snow! You can book in for your lesson prior to your visit, there’s also children’s sessions too and if you’re a student then you can reap the benefit of their student discount! Afterwards you can enjoy a hearty lunch from one of the many restaurants situated in the snowdome or pop over the road and visit the centres main shopping centre.

  1. Go To The Beach

Yes we DO have beaches here in the UK, you might have to enjoy your calippo in 12 degree temperatures but there are some lovely sandy areas on this little Island of ours. Our favourites include Brighton if quirky is your style, or Newquay’s coastal scene is great for those who enjoy surfing and other water sports!

  1. Go Skydiving

Feeling crazy? Love being a bit of a daredevil? We couldn’t have picked a better activity for you. As humans we’re kind of obsessed with flying, we want to experience that true bird-like flight. Ever had a dream where you’re flying? Make that dream reality and book in at a reliable skydiving centre. Skydiving in Cambridge is particularly good, due to the large amounts of green space and fields.

  1. Indoor Trampoline Park

Need we say more? All of our dreams have come true. We’d like to thank whoever invented this crazy cool concept. A great place to take the kids, or a friend’s kid so you don’t look like the weird adult bouncing around on their own.

  1. Zombie Run

Ever wanted to experience the feeling of having to run away from a large group of zombies? Well you’re in luck because that’s just recently become an actual activity. You can get fit and experience true terror, sounds good huh? Just wait for Halloween time when the Zombie Evacuation Race takes place – hit it into google to find out more about this intriguing/terrifying activity.

  1. Punting In Cambridge

If zombies and daredevil sports aren’t up your street, then we suggest a relaxing weekend of unwinding in the charming city of Cambridge. Spend your days perusing the boutiques, getting lost down little cobbled streets and be sure to go punting – after all the city is famous for it and if it’s good enough for David Beckham…

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