How Integrating Technology Is Changing The Way We Live

We are now going through a phase of technology wherein the regular man has a hard time gripping the technological innovations coming our way. Well, these innovations are only set to become vaster and faster. Imagine a case wherein you never have to go looking for a parking spot, rather the car you’re driving will be synced with the place you are in through a wireless network and the car will automatically direct you to where the spot is.

  • Smart Buildings: The internet of things bringing together all the components of our lives, even the buildings where we spend our time. Buildings are uploading data onto the cloud which is being analyzed to make desired changes in the way it works. Technology integration will enable a property to a manager to manage the property from a remote location through a smartphone. From processes like fire safety, HVAC and lighting which are already running automated, technology integration will take over more processes and be able to collect more data.
  • Safety Sensors: We have a list of dangerous activities from performing Crystallization activities to making new structures which we are very cautious about when we work on them. With the help of technology, we can integrate sensors into the required fail parameters and accordingly reduce the risk of life. One such field wherein we can use technology is construction. Smart sensors can be employed to assess risk factors in real time and also for long term analysis of risk as well. These sensors can be used to measure factors like temperature, dust particles, humidity, noise vibration, pressure, volatile organic compounds and more. By measuring these conditions we can analyze the condition of the construction site.
  • Travel safer: If we integrate technology into our surroundings like traffic cones, we can collect and analyze data which can be used to alert drivers about an accident zone, gravel roads or loose gravel on the roads. Even implementing self driving cars can create a scenario wherein their ability to be cognizant can completely take out accidents from the roads. Simple collective actions can be performed in emergency situations to improve emergency response time and actions.

Thus, here we have discussed about a few of the ways in which technology is going to change the way we live. To see how technology helps us to learn better, check out our solutions pages like RS Aggarwal Class 10 Solutions so you can learn your school topics effectively. Also, for new gen content on learning topics, check out our YouTube channel 



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