5 Ways You Can Make Extra Money Before The Holidays

5 Ways You Can Make Extra Money Before The Holidays

Now that summertime is over and fall is in full swing, we are beginning to think about the holidays. You might be thinking about the travel you want to plan or the family and friends that you want to see, but what most people start thinking about at this time is how they are going to pay for all the extra holiday expenses.

We seem to forget every year, but the extra costs associated with the holidays add up quickly and can even become overwhelming. From buying presents for the people in our lives, to decorating our homes, to traveling to be near family and friends, the holidays easily become the most expensive time of the year for many of us.

Instead of getting overwhelmed or putting yourself into debt to afford all of these extra holiday expenses, you can find some simple ways to make a little extra money before the holidays. If you begin now, you will be able to save up enough to comfortably afford your holiday costs without creating debt. Here are five ideas you can use to make extra money before the holidays.

Help a Neighbor

In the tradition of holiday spirit, you can help a neighbor this year, and help yourself too. Offer to help you neighbors with any of the holiday tasks or any duty that people don’t like doing too much. Some of these jobs can include hanging lights outside their homes, transporting a tree, cleaning gutters, and even personal shopping. These are simple jobs that will take some effort, but they are always greatly appreciated.

Consolidate Your Bills

While you won’t technically be making extra money by lowering your bills, you will be able to save a potential significant amount of money, putting more cash in your pocket (or savings account). Call your providers, and ask about Direct TV Internet deals that may be going on in your area, and see if you are eligible to save a few dollars off of your monthly bill. While you may only be able to save a few dollars per bill, that money adds up significantly month to month.

Share Your Talents

Everyone has a special talent that they might not think is useful, but you can get creative and find a way to make your talent profitable, even if it is for a short term. Sing for your local community, give tutoring to kids looking to get ahead in their classes, sell some of the small crafts you made over the years. Any of these ideas will get you extra money with little effort on your part. You may even be able to do it after the holiday season is over for some extra cash year round. The investment will be well worth it, especially if you can continue this trend throughout the year.

Help a Retail Store

Every single retail store will be looking for extra help this time of year. None of these jobs will be glamourous or high-paying, but they are usually easy to work into any schedule and will give you a reliable set of hours until the busy season is over. You can also choose from a variety of positions based on your skills, availability and interests. These can range from stock room attendant to marketing assistant, so you are sure to find something that you will at least remotely enjoy for the next couple of months. Maybe you can pick a store that you enjoy to shop at during the holidays so that you can get an extra discount on the money you are already planning to spend with them.

Take a Survey

There are many online sites that will pay anyone and everyone for their opinion. Making money taking surveys is a trick that many college students use to make extra cash that anyone can utilize. You can find sites that pay into a secure PayPal account and will only give you surveys that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. This can range from product reviews to income-based lifestyle questions. You can opt out whenever you want and jump back in any time you need a little extra money.

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