5 Incredible Facts: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You

Did you know that no two handwritings are the same? Yes, just like each person’s fingerprints are unique so is an individual’s handwriting. Doctors and recruiters are some of the professionals that use a person’s writing to learn more about them.

Even though we live in a digital age where almost everything we use or need can be found on our phones, computers or tablets, once in awhile you may need to write a written material. The psychology of handwriting, or the method of analyzing a person’s writing, is otherwise known as graphology.

What can Others Learn from your Handwriting

If you are to submit a written material to your doctor, research supervisor, recruitment officer, the following are some traits about you that they can learn from your handwriting:

1. Use of Pressure as you Write

People use different amounts of pressure as they write. Some apply gentle, moderate to heavy pressure on the pen as they write. Depending on the level of pressure that you use when you write, one can tell your emotional depth.

Heavy pressure shows that the individual has deep emotions. If you are one, then it probably signifies that you are a serious person, can control your inner feelings, and it can also, indicate that you are stressed. If you apply a moderate amount of pressure, it could show that you are a committed person.

Using soft pressure could suggest that you lack vitality and are quite sensitive and empathetic. 

2. The size of your letters

Do your letters tend to be big or are they considered small. Writing using small letters can indicate that the person can focus, introspective, attentive to detail, and perhaps shy. It is common among writers, scientists, lawyers, accountants and even technicians.

Small handwriting can also show that you are meticulous in what you do. If the size of your writing is average, then, may be you can concentrate and focus well. It also indicates that you adjust quickly to different scenarios and are well-adjusted.

Those who use big letters, they could be an outgoing individual, who probably loves attention from others. It also shows that they have a big personality and people who see the big picture. A Large size of writing is common among individuals who are creative, e.g. artists.

3. How much space do you leave in between your words

You may not be able to detect the amount of spacing you use in between you words as you write. But you can be able to analyze it after writing a few words or even sentences. Those who use wide spacing tend not to like crowded or overwhelming situations.

It also signifies that the individual enjoys their freedom. For those who use small spacing, it may indicate that you love to around other people and probably you could come out as intrusive, especially if you jam your words together.

Also, whoever is analyzing your work can also look at the space you use to write on a particular page. Those who spread their words all over the page, it shows that you are excitable and easy to talk to and to talk to others too.

4. How do you shape different letters

The way you form different letters can be used to analyze your personality traits, abilities, and character. It could be one of your psychology projects ideas, to examine the various personalities of those close to you by how they write down words. How do you cross your t’s, do you use long or short crosses?

If you use a long cross, it could signify that you are enthusiastic and a determined individual. A short cross may indicate that you lack determination or are lazy. They may also check your crosses on lowercase t. A short cross may suggest that you tend to aim low whereas a long cross signifies an individual who aims high and has many goals.

Where you position your cross; can also be used in the analysis of your personality. Those who place their crosses at the very top have good self-esteem and tend to be ambitious and optimistic individuals. On the other hand, if you put your cross in the middle, it signifies one’s confidence in their skin.

5. The way your letters slant

As you take a look at the capstone sample paper submitted by different individuals in your study, you can also choose to analyze how they slant their words. Are your words vertical? It indicates that you can control your emotions without showing them.

Most individuals who are introverts or love keeping their own company tend to slant their words to the left. Use of forward-leaning words may indicate that you are an outgoing individual who may be sometimes impulsive.


Other people can use your handwriting to analyze your character traits, personalities, and ability. It is considered a mirror of who you are, as, the way you write down words, is different from the next person, just like your fingerprints.

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