Top Benefits Of Artificial Turf For Dogs That Will Convince You To Install It Right Away!

Fresh air and exercise are the things that are essential for almost every dog. So letting your pets out in the pleasant weather does not pose any issues, but in rainy or cold weather, allowing them to go outside can indeed prove a problem in many cases.

This can be due to muddy paws and the dirt they bring along with them. If you are also the one complaining about the same stuff, then artificial grass is the solution. They can be the best alternative to natural lawn.

Artificial Turf for your Best Friend (Dogs)

Basically, the synthetic turf that is specially made for the dogs can be the best choice for them since there is a layer below the surface for drainage. The high quality and best artificial turfs have blades with impermeable coating that can be looped or stitched onto the backing and is held in proper place by a solid latex material.

Top quality and eco friendly artificial grass for dogs have an important feature of weep holes that allows the liquid waste of the pet to get drained in the base easily. Such grass use infill as the top soil. It makes the grass uniform, strong, and stable.

There are pet-friendly cleaners available in the market that can keep your artificial lawn clean and can protect it from bacteria and odors. High quality turf ensures that your pets can easily play and tumble on its surface.

What are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf?

  • Quality artificial turfs offers mud free and safe playing surface for your pets.
  • It does not need to be maintained more unlike natural turf.
  • You don’t need to buy different and harmful insecticides and fertilizers for protecting it.
  • It also reduces digging.
  • It minimizes allergen exposure and pests.
  • It can appear fresh and green throughout the year.
  • The drain tile subsurface enables the liquid to drain completely and quickly.
  • The turf blades and antimicrobial infill prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • The patent-pending antimicrobial enzymatic spray efficiently removes pet waste odors, stains, and soils.

Important Factors to Consider while Choosing Artificial Grass for Dogs

Firstly, the quality of the backing must be well considered. It must effectively allow the flow of your pet’s urine and water. Plus, the backing and the blades of grass must be firmly attached, so that it does not get damaged while your pet rolls or play around it.

Another important thing is the drainage capability of the turf. You can choose polyethylene or polypropylene instead of nylon since the poly products don’t absorb the moisture.

Synthetic turfs with thatched layer or shorter blades don’t require infill. Thatches use layer of smaller curly ones and short blades that makes it easy to spot the solid pet waste and remove it.

Moreover, choose artificial pet grass having antimicrobial protection feature. It ensures that the mold, mildew bacteria won’t cause any damage, staining, or odor.

To conclude, there are indeed many benefits of opting for artificial turf over natural one. Plus, it is an eco-friendly option too. So, why don’t you install one right away?

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