The Practice Of Nursing

The Practice Of Nursing

Well, must have heard about the term Nursing? What does it actually mean? Who in true sense can be called a nurse? What are the practices and principles of a nurse? Let us start off with what nursing actually means!

Nursing is a recognized profession in the medical sector, which focuses on the care of the individuals and families so that they can lead a good quality life, free from all the diseases. Many people consider this profession as low-standard, and hence take it for granted. They think that being a nurse is not a something great, and anyone can do so. Often it is seen, that after the person gets healed, the entire credit goes to the doctor and rarely does anyone pay attention to the nurse, which is not at all good. His or her efforts are not given the respect they deserve.

Being in the nursing profession is not an easy task. They have to follow some very strict rules and regulations for the same.  All the nurses should have complete knowledge about the Nurse Practice Act (NPO), for the guidelines and rules of the NPO provide parameters to all the nurses within which they have to operate. All the states and territories have their own NPA which is designed and regulated by the legislature of the State. It is compulsory for all the nurses to abide the rules and regulations that are under the NPA, for their profession is directly concerned with the public concern. They are not allowed to do any such treatment or act which the NPA does not allows. Doing any such type of activity, can prove really disastrous for their profession a well for the one who has come for his or her treatment.

The nurses also have to fulfill some educational requirements to start off with their profession. Without this they cannot be legally called a ‘Nurse’. A license is also a part of their profession. Getting into the nursing profession requires a lot of guts, because they are considered as the public servants who take an oath to do no harm and take proper care of the people. They have no idea what type of patients enters the hospital, what all they have to do and so on. All they can do is just stand in front of the patient and examine what the doctor is doing and help him out, even if they do not feel comfortable.

Hence, do not take them for granted, for they are as important as the doctors’ are!

About Author: A. Jhalani, holds years of experience and has a special interest in writing for health subjects. She was previously a fashion designer but discovered that penning down her thoughts on paper was more interesting. She has worked with many prestigious organizations like FabFurnish,, IHPL, Toppr, LuxuryLaunches and more in the recent years and produced reader-friendly content.

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