Keeping The Classroom Clean: What Equipment You Need

Keeping The Classroom Clean What Equipment You Need

A classroom can be a breeding ground for germs. As such, proper cleaning means warding off any potential sickness than can inflict a student or a teacher. However, classroom cleaning is one of the most time-consuming tasks to do as it requires keen attention to details. There’s dusting, decluttering, organizing and reorganizing that needs to be done.

Summertime is the most fitting opportunity to consider having a deep cleaning in the classroom. With the use of the right equipment, the classroom will be tidied up accordingly and efficiently.

This article enumerates 10 of the most helpful equipment you may consider using for your classroom cleaning this summer.

Top Equipment for Classroom Maintenance

  1. Vacuum cleaner with filter

Surfaces, bookshelves and floor area need to be vacuumed first before disinfecting the area.

  1. Scrubbers

They come in different types such as compact floor, walk-behind and multi-surface. Scrubbers come in different sizes. It is very convenient and easy to use too.

  1. Battery Powered Sweeper

This operator friendly tool sweeps debris into a removable 1-liter bin.

  1. Brute Force Floor Machine

This equipment is considered as a cleaning professional as it provides pad to floor pressured burnishing.

  1. Powerful Area Dryer

After the cleaning and disinfecting comes the drying of surfaces to ensure that no area was left wet.

  1. Steam Cleaner

This equipment provides sanitizing benefits as steam pressure is used for removing dirt from hard to reach, close quarter areas.

  1. Carpet Extractor

This power tool is best to be used for cleaning and freshening carpet surfaces.

  1. Window Glass Cleaner

This equipment is used as a fast way to clean and dry the classroom windows. It comes is different types such as electrical, battery powered or cordless.

  1. Electric Cleaner Mop

Mops come in different forms such as spin, roller, with steam or with microfiber flat pad. It is good for cleaning laminate wood flooring or even tiles.

  1. Restroom Spray Gun

This is ideal for touchless cleaning of hard surfaces in the classroom’s restroom.

Work Together for a Cleaner, Safer School

Aside from the equipment mentioned, it is important to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Scheduling and following a routine for cleaning activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis will also keep the classroom clean.

Encouraging room users to maintain cleanliness will likewise promote maintaining a clean learning environment. In so doing, students will be motivated to focus on their studies more because a clean classroom invites a breathable ambiance for everyone.

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