How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Gear to Protect Yourself?

If you own a motor bike or if you are planning to buy one for yourself then it is advisable to buy some important gears along with it to make sure you are absolutely safe on the road. These protective tools are a basic necessity for any biker and it should be bought the very first day, since you had started riding a bike. Riding a motorcycle gives a thrilling experience to almost every rider as it is one of the most exciting medium of transportation.  With the fun, motorcycles come with their own dangers hence, you feel less protected when compared to a car, etc.

To keep the riders safe on the road and to minimize the risk of injuries and serious consequences, a range of high quality and appropriate protective gears are available in the market, these days. There are available in a variety of types, size, shape, colour and brand, therefore, the customer can choose the best one for themselves without much trouble. But, sometimes, most of the buyers in a rush select wrong equipment and then suffer the losses. Such losses can be avoided with the help the following mentioned tips.

Tips to select the best motor bike gears

Helmet – Motorbike helmet is a very important motorcycle gear as it helps to protect your skull from all sorts of damages. There are easily available in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. Mainly, there are of three types of helmets – full face, flip and three quarter helmets. The flip and full face helmets protect your entire face while three quarter ones exposes jaw area. According to the price, flip helmets are the most expensive but they are most comfortable ones, too. It is important that you try the helmets nicely before buying one to ensure the best fit so that you can move your head around easily.

Gloves – Gloves are an important equipment to protect the hands & fingers of the rider. It provides sufficient protection from the impact of an accident and also keeps your hand warm during winters. If you have ever gone out on your bikes without the gloves then it can freeze your hands and you can catch a cold or fever, as well. So, finding the best ones is very important which you can use. Kevlar gloves are cheaper than leather gloves and provide better protection as well but they are not as warm as leather gloves. So, you can buy the best ones depending upon your requirement and climatic conditions of your city. Plus, make sure you perform a trial before making the final payment, in order to check the grip of the gloves to provide complete bike control.

Jackets – Type of motorbike jacket completely depends upon the choice of the biker but quality, type of fabric, good fit, breathability, thickness, etc are some of the most essential points that you need to consider before picking one for yourself.

Other important bike gears include motorcycle pants, riding boots, etc. but the above mentioned ones are amongst the top three and best motorcycle Armor that every biker must have.

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