Breast Augmentation Post-Operative Care and Recovery Advice

Breast augmentation is top surgical cosmetic procedure. Women have reported to gain self-confidence and contentment post-surgery. Before surgery, it is necessary to learn post-operative care and how long it can take to recover. It helps a patient to be familiar with what to expect and be prepared for a life-changing experience.

Total recovery timeline is hard to say because each woman is different. Majority of surgeons agree that it can take minimum six or 7 weeks for full recovery. Breast augmentation recovery stages are given below –


After waking from anesthesia, patients feel sore and groggy, just like a hangover. These are temporary effects, which vanishes soon but make sure to have someone drive you home as well as stay with you for a night.

Initial week

These initial weeks is very uncomfortable. Pain injections are recommended to ease discomfort for initial three days and then pain killers are prescribed. Many women return to their work, after one week of surgery. However, women indulged in labor intensive jobs are not allowed to work for minimum three weeks.

Two to four weeks

After the initial week, patient is encouraged to add light exercise to their daily normal routine. At this point the discomfort has resided but strenuous activities [rigorous exercise, riding horse, weight lifting, driving] are prohibited.

Full recover

In the follow-up appointment, the surgeon will assess your healing progress. After four weeks, majority of women get fully healed and resume their normal activities.

The stitches are internal and will dissolve in two weeks post-surgery. Never pull a stitch, if it pokes out. Visit your surgeon. Light crust on the incision must be left alone. Soon your breasts will settle in their natural position.

Breast augmentation post-operative care and recovery advice

There are some things, useful information and advice that needs to be followed post breast enhancement surgery.

Stay hydrated – constipation is common post-surgery, so drink lots of water to move things. Water consumption also reduces the swelling. Avoid alcohol, carbonated, and caffeine drinks.

Medication – Pain medications after or with food need to be taken for relieving yourself form complications or sickness.

Surgical bra – After breast augmentation surgery surgical bra needs to be worn for four to six weeks depending on your recovery level. Another support bra can be used in between washing them but discuss this with the cosmetic surgeon on appropriate style options.

Showering or bathing – Avoid immersing wound in the water for minimum six weeks. You can shower after first week post-surgery but ensure not to get that area too wet. Pat the area dry. Usually, bathing is not advised but shallow bath, where the wound does not get immersed in water is fine.

Clothing – Stick to button up shirts and zipped jackets for some time post-surgery. It avoids issues due to over-stretching in post-operative early phase.

Resting time – After the procedure, one-week rest is recommended. Walk gently, perform light duties but stretching and heavy lifting needs to be avoided for a couple of weeks. Keep moving consistently to avoid body stiffness.

How to sleep? – It is advised to sleep on back in elevated position for six weeks. It reduces discomfort and swelling. The sleeping position is uncomfortable but helps to avoid risk of shifting implants before they heal.

Leave from work – It is advised to take 7 to 9 days leave, if your work is simple desk job but if there is any kind of lifting take leave for two weeks.

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