Avail Courierpoint’s services to send parcel to Germany

Germans living in the United Kingdom often need to send birthday presents and gifts to friends and family back home. Courierpoint makes this possible by offering services that compete with the traditional post service. Courierpointhas contracts to resell the major international delivery services at discounted rates. Courierpoint moves hundreds of thousands of parcel to Germany each week. The clients have complete confidence that their shipments will be handled in a professional manner.

Using Courierpoint’s simple online ordering system at www.courierpoint.com, you can arrange for a driver to come to your home or work address on the day that suits you. The driver will inspect the contents of the parcel to ensure there are no prohibited goods. Courierpoint cannot move or collect high-value jewelry, cash, dangerous products or items that need to be refrigeratedin order tosendparcel to Germany.

While these are some of the moreobvious items, other items that may come as a surprise include liquids since they break and damage other clients’ goods. Furthermore, glass items cannot be sent to Germany in a parcel.This is to prevent fragile itemsfrom being sent and customers complaining about damaged goods.

When you need to send aparcel to Germany,you must remember that the parcel will be traveling much further than the local delivery. Therefore,in order to assure your package’s good condition, we advise our clients to use a large amount of bubble wrap and to pack the items in thick boxes packed with tape on each corner. As the parcels travel further,additional packaging is required to lower the risk of damage occurring.

There has never been a better time to trade with Germany, which is the largest economy in Europe. With the United Kingdom part of the European Union, British businesses can now buy and sell products from Germany without having to worry about any red tape.

We at Courierpoint operate a UK-based customer service team that can track and assist with any challenges that might occur when sending a parcel to Germany. At Courierpoint, our customer feedback rating is very high and we encourage prospective clients to not only go online to view our quotes, but also to read our client reviews.

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