Hard Waxes Are Pleasure To Use


Hard wax is used for hair removal but the application and removal is a bit different than the soft wax. Let’s see how it differs from the soft version, where to use it and how it works

How does it differs from Strip Wax

• Strips not required- no requirement of muslin or pellonstrip, hence saves money and waste age.
• Thicker layer- a thicker layer of about ½ to 1 cm is applied on the skin for hair removal.
• Heat it- it is heated up in a warmer or a microwave as per the instructions and has a low melting point than soft wax.
• Leave todry- it needs to be hardened/dried before removing otherwise it cracks and won’tremove hair.
• Reduction power- it shrinks wraps the hair instead of just sticking; this ability removes the shorter hair as well.
• Use oil instead of powder- after cleansing the skin pre-depilatory oil is applied before waxing.

Where to Use No Strip Hard Wax

• Used in Bikini and Brazilian waxing because it works well on coarser hair and small sections.
• Used for Facial waxing as it has shrink wrap hair ability so it is safe and gentle on delicate face skin and removes even the shortest hair.

Instructions to Use the No Strip Hard Wax

Items required for waxing- exfoliator, warmer pot, hard wax, heat proof thermometer, wooden spatula, cotton, baby oil/light massage oil and aloe vera gel.

Step 1
Exfoliate the skin to be waxed one day in advance using the exfoliator. This helps wax to adhere properly.

Step 2
Fill the wax warmer pot and heat wax according to leaflet instructions. The temperature should be in-between 125 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the thermometer to get the desired temperature.

Step 3
Apply the oil on the skin. Dip in the wooden spatula and spread thick layer of wax over skin in the direction of hair growth. Apply a little thicker spot at the end of the wax, let it dry.

Step 4
Once the no strip hard wax is dry and doesn’t stick to hand peel it off by holding the skin tightly and remove wax in quick movement in opposite direction.

Step 5
Press the other hand immediately over waxed area to soothe the pain if any. Repeat the above process for all the hair to be removed.

Step 6
To remove the extra wax sticking to the skin use cotton dipped in oil.

Step 7
Rub aloe vera gel over the waxed area to sooth it.

The new generation no strip hard waxes are a pleasure to use and with little time required in learning the correct technique can transform hair removal service. Wax on and enjoy it and fell clean and hygienic and care free for several weeks.

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