Why not Talk About your Last Family Vacation to Paris, France on your Facebook page?

While the thought of sharing your last family vacation to any place may make you wary, sharing your personal life experiences on various news mediums including:  travel blogs, social media, and travel newspapers is a great way to bring the experiences you had while on vacation alive for your readers in such a way that they will feel as though they are living them while they are reading your blog, article, or social media post! In fact, sharing vacations and other personal life experiences through these mediums are fast becoming very popular, both for vacationists and travel enthusiasts! This article will discuss the different ways to show your travel experiences to your friends and family (travel blog, social media, travel newspaper) and why in great detail.

Why a travel blog?

What’s so great about a travel blog? What makes it worth reading? Well, for one thing, travel blogs are a great way for people all over the world who love to travel to share their thrill for exploring new places and learning about the history, different cultures, and geographies of different countries around the world. For example, the Daily Vanguard is a great travel blog which discusses all of the thrills and unique experiences you can have while traveling. A great example is an article which discusses the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and challenges tourists can face while driving in San Francisco!

Another great travel blog is Upgrd (http://upgrd.com). This blog discusses the adventures which a group of travel enthusiasts faces when traveling to different places in the world while on vacation. For example, the article First Impressions: Lufthansa B747-8i First Class discusses the adventures which a travel blogger experienced while recently traveling to Germany. This blogger talks about enjoying a gourmet schnitzel (a traditional German meat dish which is very delicious) at a first class lounge at the Lufthansa terminal while in Germany. The article also discusses the seating arrangements on the first class flight to Germany on Lufthansa airlines. The article discusses other interesting travel experiences which bring the entire trip to life for the reader, and makes him or her want to travel to Germany on Lufthansa as well!

Why social media?

You may ask, “Why should I share my last vacation to London, England on Facebook or Instagram?” Bu, you should be asking, “why NOT share my last vacation to London, England on Facebook or Instagram?” By doing so, you will be sharing some very emotional and moving experiences you had (like actually making the guards at the Big Ben smile) which no travel blog or travel newspaper could easily do. This is because social media is very interactive in nature and this is what gives it a ‘personal’ touch! For example, you can easily post about the great experiences you had at Buckingham Palace on Facebook, and you can respond to those comments with even more interesting experiences which you can make come to life with great pictures. As for Instagram, you can make your trip to London come to life with professional pictures and selfies which you took of the scenery of London, the major monuments and buildings, and the beautiful English countryside. And since these pictures will be described by short and captivating text, viewers are sure to relive the experiences you had on your British vacation!

And what is so special about travel newspapers?

You may have never even heard of a traveling newspaper before! Travel newspaper is a print (or online) newspaper which discusses the must-see places in the world in great detail and in such a way that makes its readers actually want to go and visit those places! As with any newspaper, format and layout are key because text tells only part of the story for vacations – images tell the rest. And in any professional publication, you want both the text and images to look clean, crisp, professional, and be arranged in an orderly fashion. This is exactly what the Print Newspaper does. Its tabloid format is short and sweet and is great for descriptions of short and interesting vacations which can be described further by riveting images. Its broadsheet format is great for longer vacations which need entire spreads, photoshopped images and advertisements, and other information to convey their excitement to the reader.

And finally…

If you have recently visited an interesting place in the world and are amazed by what you saw, you may want to share your experiences in a travel blog and on social media platforms. However, the real impact comes from sharing your experiences in a traveling newspaper, and this is why you want to give Printnewspaper.com a try. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

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