Ford expands sales and services network in India

Ford expands sales and services network in India

In a bid to enhance buying experience, Ford India continued its sales and account arrangement with the barrage of several outlets beyond cities including, Faridabad, Noida, Sriganaganagar and Jhansi in the Northern region; Shillong and Dimapur in the East; Hosur, Kochi in the South; and Sanand, Raipur, Nashik, Chandrapur and Panvel in the Western arena to name a few.

Further to the amplification of their sales and account network, Ford has additionally inaugurated two fresh Quick Lane Account centres in Nashik and Kochi. With the advice of continued operation hours through weekdays and Saturdays, the Quick Lane Account focuses on abbreviation the cat-and-mouse aeon during account requirements, appropriately accouterment a faster turnaround time to enhance chump accessibility and satisfaction.

Ford has additionally launched a ‘Happy Pocket Service’ that makes buying acquaintance pleasurable, acknowledgment to a awful cellophane ‘fixed’ appraisement on appointed account costs that alpha as low as Rs 2,199.

Aside from these fresh facilities, Ford India already has added casework for barter like pan-India Roadside Assistance, 90 minute-Quick Account Bays, Mobile Account Vans and Vehicle address card.

The aboriginal big amplification in the sales and account arrangement came back Ford launched the Figo. Following the success of their bunched SUV- the EcoSport, Ford already afresh wants to accord according absorption to sales as able-bodied as service. A footfall in the appropriate administration then…

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