Innocent Kids Make Our World Awesome

Innocent Kids Make Our World Awesome

A child’s mind is like a lump of soil which can be given any kind of shape. They are fast learners always because they are away from any kind of complications. A kids mind is the purest thing in this world and that’s why they are often referred to as God. In any kind of festivals their joy and happiness cannot be tallied with the grown up’s. Because the thrill and excitement level in their mind is always at the peak. When we finally grow up we miss this childhood and when we were child, we used to complain to God “why is he taking such a long time to make me grow?” After growing up, we find that time has really passed fast and there is no way to return to childhood and behave like the kids does. This is the only reason we always try to fulfill all desires of our child. Because this childhood days is the best stage of life.

A kid is the one who would take our legacy ahead and that’s why we train them with our beliefs, thoughts, ideals, principles, and values. Inculcating these things guides him to lead a healthy life ahead. Let’s see how easy is to make your kid’s minds work in a creative manner:

  1. Any religious festival like Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, or Christmas should be followed by a cultural show where song, dance, drama, and recitation would be performed by the kids.
  2. In any of the cultural shows where the kids are performing, involve them in stage decoration, painting, and cleaning as well. They learn team spirit and the value of togetherness best with each other.
  3. On the days of their festival like Children’s Day, birthday, promotion, etc. shower them with something useful through which he/she can learn something creative. Like, you can gift plants so that he learns gardening from a young age.
  4. Buy rakhi for kids from Bookmyflowers so that your little princess have a great time in strengthening her bond with her best brother in this world.
  5. On weekends, take them to different places like a busy market, nearby hill station, river side, or simply your terrace and give him a canvas to draw whatever he/she is seeing. This is a great idea to make him aware of his surroundings.
  6. Inculcate the reading habit in your child. Make a routine that he/she has to complete reading at least one chapter of a story book before going to bed.
  7. Once he learns how to write, teach him to keep a journal so that when he finally grows up, he has all the history of him handwritten by him just in front of him.

Kids are innocent but they have their own logical mind which is always curious to know things at a deeper level. Always be very vocal with your kid so that with his childhood, you also become a child again living freely without any bondage or compulsion.

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