How Technology Can Prevent Casino Cheating

How Technology Can Prevent Casino Cheating

Most of the time gambling has been synonymous to cheating. Casinos are one of the best examples of it and prove to be a huge problem for players against the cheater as well as for the operators. The industry as a whole too gets a bad name and so lately technology is being used to make playing fairer for all.

We, in this era, are fortunate to have highly developed technology to help casino operators pinpoint fraudulent acts and catch the cheaters disguised as clientele.

For internet casinos cheating is controlled by installation of advanced casino software on all internet casino sites that also work with technologies such as playtech, flash, and content management systems to avoid cheating.

How Technology Can Prevent Casino Cheating

Casino houses use up-to-the-minute technology that starts working even before a cheater parks the car. Number plate of the vehicle is captured through security camera and recognized by including the use of software that turns numbers and letters into text.

The text generated number next identifies whether the person has earlier cheated and casino wishes him to keep out. The security services are notified and the person is denied entry.

Biometric facial recognition cameras are also deployed to ascertain only the genuine players are entering the gambling area. The cheater is caught immediately and is not allowed to enter the casino campus.

A bank of computer screens is regularly monitored by human eyes behind the scenes that beams live footage from different security cameras.

Invisible bar code is written on cards at gaming tablets and a sensor deal with those by comparing results with the cards on the tablet at the end of the game to prevent anyone switching cards for cheating purpose.

Software is also used to find out non-obvious relationship between the players and members of casino teams to help make the game fairer.

The gates of casinos are equipped with RFID (radio frequency id) chips to stop cheating in the campus. If the chips are not native to the house, correct frequency will not be emitted and therefore not be cashed in.

Apart from all these, there are few reports where cheaters have tried to bug the software program in online casinos. However, this is very difficult to do for average player. Today’s mobile casinos come with casino app which is another layer of security and is more difficult to crack.

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