Kelly Curia-Schmidt – 3 Key Reasons Why Women Empowerment Is Essential For Societies

Women Empowerment

Women need to realize that they are not inferior to men regardless of their background. They are just as proficient in performing the same tasks which their male counterparts normally do. In fact, in some cases, they are even better. Parents need to install this line of thinking in their daughters at a very early age. Taking this step helps to boost their confidence over time. Even governments around the world should encourage this attitude among the female segment of their population. Only then are they free to make their own choices in their personal and private lives. They need to understand the gender bias is wrong and totally baseless.

Kelly Curia-Schmidt – Why is women empowerment necessary for the development of societies?

Kelly Curia-Schmidt is a sales executive from America who strongly promotes women empowerment in the country. She says societies around the world should take necessary steps to provides women with equal opportunities. Only then can they recognize their true potential, skills, and talents. This is possible when they get access to better education facilities and employment prospects. It enables them to make a positive contribution to the communities they live in. Otherwise, they can never complete break-free from their stereotype image of being just a homemaker. This is what they want at the end of the day.

She further points out the following 3 important reasons why governments should promote women empowerment:

  1. Ensuring economic independence to all women

Women from diverse backgrounds should be free to make their own choices like their male counterparts. They shouldn’t depend on anyone when it comes to earning a living expect themselves. This, regardless of whether this individual is her father, brother, or a life partner. Empower and providing them with opportunities to ensure that this is possible. In the process, they become contributing members of society. This benefits everyone living in the communities they belong to. This one aspect which governments around the world can’t afford to ignore.

  1. Eliminating corruption

Corruption is becoming rampant in many countries of the world. Governments in such regions are doing their utmost to curtail it. Unfortunately, people occupying high posts are misusing their powers to satisfy their greed. They are doing this for their own nefarious ends. If this evil continues, it’ll breed injustice, inequalities, and resentment in certain segments of societies. This threatens the peace and stability in such regions. Women empowerment prevents such situations from getting out of control. It allows women to join their male counterparts in launching campaigns to eradicate this menace.

  1. Eradicating various forms of atrocities and exploitation against women

For centuries, women have been victims of various form of mistreatment and exploitation. However, societies are around the world are slowly but steadily changing. Governments in such places recognize the need to put an end to such atrocities. This because most people in such regions have come to realize that such behavior towards them is unacceptable. Empowering women with a better job and educational opportunities enable them to fight such evils.

Kelly Curia-Schmidt says women empowerment is a necessity for all societies around the world. It enables people in such regions to develop to their full potential regardless of their gender. The above 3 important reasons for taking such a step proves this fact beyond any doubt. This acts as a catalyst in promoting peace, justice, and equality in such regions.

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