Watching TV Can Be Harmful As Well As Educational

Watching TV Can Be Harmful As Well As Educational

So, let’s say that you just want to put your feet up and watch some good old TV. So what’s so bad about watching TV? Well, it can be harmful or it can be educational. Now, this can all depends on a lot of things such as the type of show you’re going to watch and even things like what time you’re going to spend on watching it. I know what you’re thinking that’s crazy, how TV such a peaceful thing can bring harm to you when you’re not really doing anything other than being lazy.

Cartoons, yes cartoons can be harmful to you when watching them. It`s not important enough the cartoons for us to really pick it up and understand it. It makes us have fewer thoughts and ideas come to us when we really think about it. Cartoons can be funny which they say laughter is healthy and should be done more often. Overall though cartoons just waste time, and that time is time you need in order to be ready for anything.

History channel, this is an educated channel and something that can be healthy for someone who wants to watch TV for a little bit. If your watching a show on how sharks swim in the ocean , and love the smell of blood in the water you tend to learn more than what you would have learned from a cartoon of two characters chasing each other around with a pot and pan trying to knock each other`s teeth out with it. This shows that it is important for there to be educated channels on TV constantly because there are times when you may need it.

Teen channels, are often a problem these day`s depending on the age group and the show. There`s good shows that are on teenager’s and drama filled lives in high school like on Disney channel and so on. This is educational because it teaches teens these days not to get mixed up into all of that drama stuff and be your own kind of person. It was important for those shows to make them understand that and hope that they would take pride to it.

There can be show`s on that talk about peer pressure, and this is educational because it show`s them how to act or not act, when around peer pressure. These show`s are often played, and make an impact of you believe it or not. It is important that education in TV stay`s together.

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