4 Apps That Will Help You Complete Your Assignments On Time

4 Apps That Will Help You Complete Your Assignments On Time

It’s never too late in the semester to get organized or admit that you need help staying on track. In fact, the holiday break is a perfect time to test drive new ways to stay organized without the stress of looming assignments and exams. Here are five apps that’ll help you stay organized and on track so you’ll complete your assignments on time.

Studios – A Homework & Test Reminder App

A super simple app that helps you stay on track with assignments, exams and studying by a timetable calendar. Add events to your class schedule, when assignments are due, exam days and time you set aside for studying. To utilize this app to its full potential, turn on notifications to remind you of the events you created. This is also great to remind you to apply for scholarships when you’re on breaks.

This app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

EasyBib – A Citation Generator

No one likes or feels 100% confident creating citations for their class papers. With this app, you don’t have to create them all on your own anymore. This app is super simple, just create an account, log in, pick which type of citation you want and scan your book. That’s it! Plus, there’s no need to worry about the citations being noted correctly. They are checked by professionals to ensure accuracy and you can even export them to email if you’d like to.

This app is available on Google Play, iOS App store and as a Google Chrome / Docs add-on.

Google Drive – cloud storage / sharing documents esp in group project situations

This app is often overlooked, but Google Drive is an amazing app for group projects. You can share word, powerpoint and excel documents between group members very easily. Plus all documents can have notes added and edited in real time. It has a lot of potential in making group projects get done faster and you don’t have to meet up with your group if you can’t or don’t want to.

This app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Focus List – work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5.

This app’s main concept is using the Pomodoro Technique to maximize productivity. Watching the football game while studying or doing your homework actually makes you take longer to complete them. For this app, all you need to do is create a list of what needs to be done and assign a timebox. Once that’s completed, pick a task and keep going for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. This technique works because you’re getting one task done at a time with zero distractions and you’ll start the next 25-minute session refreshed.

This app is only available on iOS App Store.

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