Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

If there’s one immovable reality about our planet, it’s the dazzling exhibit of natural magnificence it offers. There’s no denying that we are living in a world of wonders and marvel. The Earth’s most spectacular and boggling spots is a stunning and breathtaking that we shouldn’t be missed. Are you ready to see the globe from such extraordinary heights?

Here are the best helicopter tours in the world:

Mount Everest, Nepal

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

Mount Everest is synonymous with splendid for the reason that it is at 29,000 feet tall, or also known as the top of the World and the most elevated point on Earth, extending so far into the sky like an infinite place as it seems. Drifting in the Himalayas, you can see the startling span of each mountain climber’s dream, and also has an area of snow-capped lakes, streams, and rivers. While helicopter journey and tours are spendy, flyers are frequently left so astonished by the beauty they guarantee it’s it.

The Fjords, Norway

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

With water so glassy and pure it reflects the mists in the cloud and sky, sharp, deep cliffs, shocking green, it’s no big surprise that the fjords of Norway connect to the Garden of Eden. From the very purpose of a helicopter, you can have a great time seeing these beauties of glacial waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and sections of land of farmland.

Taking off above everything is a captivating experience thaw you’ll surely appreciate long after you will leave the place Scandinavia’s shores.

Circle of Fire, Big Island, Hawaii

This place is a beauty of an ancient piece and timeworn scene. Experience the beauty of skies above on board through Kilauea. It is an active volcano on the southern edge of Hawaii’s Big Island. With trips that skim over fields of a barren magma. There is also a tropical rainforest and pockets of the Pacific that you will give you feeling that you are part of the history making.


Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

Honeymooners swoon over this remote South Pacific beauty, where 332 islands make up the republic’s archipelago. Thick tropical forest edge into crystalline waters, while scored crests extending up to 4,000 feet into the sky. Seen from far places and you can’t resist the eagerness to value the beauty of its flawless, sugary shorelines and boundless coral reefs. Go for an air visit amidst the blustery season in the exhibition of surging waterfalls.

The Grand Canyon

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

Some portion of the beautiful scenic flights is to get a genuine feeling of satisfaction. And one way to enjoy this place is to take a chopper over the Grand Canyon. Billion years of land history reveals before your eyes as the canyon expands beneath. Focus your attention and keep your eyes peeled for The Painted Desert and be in amazement of the woods of Canyon’s Corners that holds running from ruby-red to lavender.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

It’s the biggest coral reef in the world, comprising of more than 3,000 species and reef systems and has 900 islands. It is the only thing on Earth that is noticeable from space. Truly, it’s the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, one of the Wonders of the World and a has the standout amongst the other stunning spots in the world.

Seen from the sky its gigantic size that is noticeably acknowledged, while its bone-white shorelines and aquamarine waters tell us how our planet is made up of the ocean. Cross your fingers: Sharks, rays, and turtles are sometimes are visible from the bird’s eye’s viewpoint on board.

New York City, New York

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

You will only experience New York’s radical significance after you’ve danced through its public architecture in a helicopter. From Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge to the vast and lively span of Central Park, this cosmopolitan city has a mind-blowing essential attraction.

Think about the excitement that you find on its energetic adventure. You can also try some other tours like Micro Flite for you to enjoy this magnificent place.  

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Take My Breath Away: The Best Places For Helicopter Tours

From stone monuments to Copacabana and from one of the world’s biggest stadium of football to the range of the Serra do Mar and Rio de Janeiro as a kingdom of itself. To take off about this World Heritage Site is to see nature-meets-fabricated sensibility, timeworn-meets-contemporary where elevated structures are flanked by the Tijuca Forest and Christ the Redeemer, a standout amongst the iconic statues on the planet.


The sound of buzzing sharp edges of blades, the feeling of liftoff, and the shocking views from the skies above which can only be found on board a helicopter. A few scenes only demand a view from above, so move on board and experience a life-changing moment.

A few spots are best observed and explored via air, and one of the best approaches is to do it on a helicopter ride and only ensure that you do not forget your precious camera.

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