Best Vehicles for Dog Owners

There’s a lot of things you need to consider when you’re looking for a new car, especially if you’re a dog owner. Choosing the best dog-friendly vehicle isn’t as easy as you might think. There’s boot space, inside material and even the colour of the car to think about.

Some vehicles are much better suited for dog owners than others. So, to help narrow down your search, here you’ll discover some of the best vehicles for dog owners currently on the market.

Nissan X-Trail SUV

When it comes to pooch-friendly vehicles, the Nissan X-Trail SUV is pretty tough to beat. This is because the car has been specifically built with dog owners in mind.

Not only is this SUV incredibly stylish, but it also comes with some pretty great dog-friendly features. The X-Trail 4Dogs concept model, includes a pull-out shower, a luxurious bed, a dog hair dryer and a slide-away ramp. No other car offers these incredible features. Of course, this means the model will be more expensive, but the features make the extra cost 100% worthwhile.

Mercedes E Class Estate

Just because you have a dog, it doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a luxurious model. The Mercedes E Class Estate is a great vehicle for dog lovers. It has a large, spacious boot, it offers a smooth, quiet ride and it’s surprisingly economical. The quiet, smooth driving experience is especially ideal for dogs that tend to get stressed out in the car.

This model may not be as expensive as you might think to purchase either. You could look on used car sites such as the AA, to find second hand models at a fraction of their original cost. Also, if you’re looking for the more economical versions, opt for the E200d or the E220d diesel variations.

Volkswagen Passat Estate

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, the Volkswagen Passat Estate is a great choice. Again, it has a very spacious boot which should comfortably fit most sized breeds. Unlike many other models, the boot is shorter yet taller. This means it’s specifically great for taller dog breeds which prefer to stand up throughout the journey, rather than lie down.

The floor of the boot is also fairly low down, so getting the dog into the boot is also easy. Then finally, it’s fuel efficient so it won’t cost too much to run either.

These are a lot of vehicles on the market which are suitable for dog owners, but the above are considered some of the best. The key things to look out for are boot space, material durability (in case your dog decides to try and chew the interior) and a boot which sits lower down so your dog can easily get in and out of the vehicle.

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