Top 6 Popular Business Social Networks You Must Know

Top 7 Popular Business Social Networks You Must Know

We are living in the social media era where you can find everything in just one click. People are on social media all day long and brands must go where the people are. This becomes a necessity of business owners to be on social media to enhance their brands online presence. However, not every social media platform is a perfect fit for your business. So you must be wondering that what business social network is hot and can yield desired results for you or which one should be your priority for your branding efforts?

Considering above concerns you should invest your time and skills in the platforms where you most likely to reach and engage your set target audience. With no doubts Social Network Development people from different walks of life get united. Read this blog and learn about the popular business social networks that help you to grow your business online.

Linkedin- Powerful Tool for B2B Model
If you are a proud owner of the business that has a strong B2B model then Linkedin can be a powerful tool for you. According to the reports it has around 250 million active users monthly sharing the common official networking platform. Most of the time People here share their accurate information related to their work experience, job positions, projects, and contact details. This increases their chances to be hired by good companies and also they can promote their products and services to their target audiences. Thus it can be a great platform for seeking talented resources and flaunting yourself as an industry leader.

Pinterest- A Great Source of Referral Traffic
Pinterest is little different from other social networks. If your business falls in the category of creative industry such as food, lifestyle, home decor, wedding, outfit ideas and more then its a social media platform that you want to be. As per the stats it has around 175 million active users and out of them, 81% are women. So you can easily market your business with a Pinterest business account that offer specific features such as analytics and Pinterest advertising. RICH pins are special types of pins that you can use to add specific information about your product. You can also add location maps, images, and videos related to your brand. So you should craft a solid plan to use Pinterest as part of your business strategy.

AngelList-Links Young Business with Angel Investors
AngelList is a four-year-old startup started with an aim to open the things up with social networks for the people those who want to create and invest in social networks. It opens avenues for start-up owners to post their business ideas and meet the investors those who are willing to fund early-stage companies. It’s not just restricted to funding it also provides valuation estimates of different kinds of startup businesses. So if you are a new entrant in the industry or a proud owner of a startup looking for backers those who can give you financial support you should create a social network on AngelList.

Xing-Social Platform for Working Professional
Xing is gaining popularity as the leading professional network in the DACH region. It continues to be a very strong business networking platform in German-speaking countries. So if you are willing to work in German-based companies then you should create your profile on Xing. With around 7 million professionals conducting business in 16 different languages, it is a world leader in social business networking.It also has the ability to show ads and keep track of your business contacts. It is helpful for employers to get the best suitable resource especially those who are willing to work in DACH countries.

Opportunity- Social Network Matchmaking
Opportunity as a social network matchmaking uses algorithms to connect you with working professionals. This platform brings you sales, advance your career, grow your network and more. With the help of the algorithm, you come to know about the people those who are around you and what they are offering and what you can offer to them. This type of networking driven by real-time interactions that helps you to discover new business, boost sales and offer job opportunities to the members.

Meetup- Social Network for Your Professional Goal
If you want to be a part of a bunch of like-minded people then Meetup is for you. It is the online manifestation of the social networking efforts. You’ll find a place where you’ll meet people those who share similar interests and working experience. Use it to find already existing groups in any location across the world or you can start your own group and send invites to people with similar interest. On the other side if you are fishing for new business then try to be a part of the gang, talk about your ideas, scope, and earning projection. In this way, you’ll be able to start developing your business relations gradually.

Above are the most popular social business networks where you can create your business account and promote your products and services to get leads, boost in sales and earn huge profits. Apart from them, you can also think about Social Engine Add-ons based on white label social network platform. They have social networking features that include blogs, photo albums, user groups and forums where you can promote your brand to your scattered target audiences around the globe.

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