Have Clean Roof by Preventing The Formation Of Black and Red Algae

Roof cleaning is a simple process which is used to remove dirt, dust, moss and algae from the roof. With proper cleaning and maintenance one can extend the functionality of the roof.  When cleaning you may come across some roof issues that need to be fixed by RSG Roofing. However, the first thing that you need to do to have a clean roof that looks good and is durable too is protecting the roof from black and red-algae build-up. Though there are homeowners who think that this is an impossible task, yet when you have professional help by your side it can be achieved without any hassle.

Now, why does one need to protect the roof from these build-ups how can they possible affect the roof in any manner. Read on to find out.

Have Clean Roof by Preventing The Formation Of Black and Red Algae

Black and Red Algae Can Stain Your Roof

When black or red algae start to breed on the roof then this affects its appearance drastically. As a matter of fact not only algae but other organism like moss and lichens can stain the roof brutally and start feeding on the surface. Since the feed on the surface it leads to damaged roofs, and thus this type of organism should be removed immediately. Techniques like roof pressure wash, chlorine-bleach wash and non-toxic eco friendly wash are used for removing them.

These Organisms Can Reduce the Lifespan of Your Roof

The black and red algae affect the shingles of the roof and ultimately damage it. This can decrease the lifespan of your roof which can even contribute to roof failure too. In such cases roof pressure wash can be considered as a lifesaver as it only removes the unwanted dirt and dust deposited on the roof but at the same time it helps in getting rid of these organisms.

There are many contractors who use a mixture of water and cleaner and spray it with a high pressure on the roof. Now, the chemicals of the cleaner along with the high pressure work amazingly by killing the moss, algae or lichens that prevail on the floor, and even prevent from further breeding.

Algae Can Make Your Roof Prone to Damages

There are many people who often neglect the importance of clean roof and thus never pay attention towards it. But, seldom do they know that this negligence can leave dreadful consequences. There are many studies that indicate the formation of algae or any other microbial organism can make the roof prone to damages. These damages will not only affect the quality of your roof but at the same time it will hamper the value of your house.

So, to have a roof that you always desired of, never forget to go with frequent roof maintenance services. This will keep your roof clean and allow you to have an amazing and well maintained house.

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