Summer Fun with The Kids

Summer is an exciting time for children. They are free from school and looking forward to a summer filled with endless fun. However, sometimes their expectations surpass reality, and children end up just watching TV days on end. Here are some ways to ensure your children have a summer filled with a variety of fun activities.

Activities at Home

Create a fun environment in your own backyard. Consider buying a trampoline for the kids if you don’t already have one. Jumping around not only gives hours of fun, but it also allows your kids to get in some physical activity. To find the perfect trampoline for your family, consult this trampoline size chart by GetTrampoline. Create a mini golf course for the kiddos. You could even have them help you build it for a bonus activity. If you don’t have a pool. Set up a couple of water sprinklers for the kids to run around in. This will give them the opportunity to put on their swimsuits, spend time in the sun, and get wet, without you having to tote them over to the nearest community pool.

If your kid has a birthday party during the summer, go all out and make a big event of it. You could host a themed party and have all the guest dress up as superheroes or their favorite animals. Consider renting a bounce house, such as these bounce house rentals from Clowns 4 Kids, which offer a wide range of styles perfect to fit any party. If you have a pool, throw an all-out pool party. If you pick a theme such as luau, decorate with tiki torches and give grass skirts for the guests. If you don’t have a pool, you still have the option of a water themed party by using a slip-and-slide or setting up kiddie pools for the children, so they can splash around. If your child wants to have a slumber party, consider hosting a campout in the backyard, complete with marshmallow roasting and campfire songs. Putting a little more effort into your child’s party will let the party double as both a birthday celebration and an opportunity for your child and his or her friends to experience some summer fun with each other.

Fun While Learning

Encourage your children to read during the summer. While your kids aren’t in school, reading is a fun way to keep their brains active. Many libraries offer summer reading programs that reward children with prizes for every couple of books they read. If you have young children, spend time reading to them, or encourage your older kids to read to their younger siblings. This will not only get your children reading more, but it will also give your children an opportunity to bond with each other.

Have your children help in the kitchen. While they aren’t in school learning about math and English, spend this free time to teach them life skills in a fun way. There are a variety of safe ways your child could help with cooking. You may let them mix up batters for cookies and cupcakes, wash fruits and vegetables, and help you measure out ingredients. Let them have a say in what you make. Ask them what they would like for dinner and what flavors you should use for specific dishes. Make a point to let them decorate cookies and cupcakes. Even if they are not helping with every little aspect of meal prep, if they are in the kitchen watching what you are doing, they notice important culinary skills that become useful for them once they get older.

Traveling with The Family

If you and your family want to travel this summer, consider going on vacation with friends that also have children and choose a destination that accommodates group travel. Not only will your children get to experience new places, they get to enjoy the adventures with others their own age. For example, there are many unique experiences in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This city makes it easy to find affordable lodging for large groups. There are a variety of educational historical attractions in Vicksburg including the Vicksburg National Military Park. Overall, cities such as this offer not only a fun vacation for families, but also educational opportunities for people of all ages.

Get your kids out of the house during the day by going on day trips to destinations close to home. Visit the zoo and learn about the different animals. If there is a petting zoo nearby, your child might enjoy the interactive aspect. Spend a day in your local park, you could pack a picnic lunch and a frisbee to toss around for a while. If there is a playground at the park, even better! You could even visit a nearby children’s museum. These museums often give interactive and educational opportunities for little ones.

Summertime Safety

While summer is a time for fun and excitement, you do want to take precautions to keep your family safe. Teach your children how to swim and always make sure a responsible adult supervises them anytime they are in the water. If you own a pool, make sure it has a fence, so others don’t wonder into it. If your family goes out on a boat trip, make sure the kids are wearing life jacket always.

However, many children suffer from heat-related ailments. The good news is these are easy to prevent. Don’t ever leave your child in a parked car, which in the summer time gets very hot. Pay attention to the weather when scheduling outdoor activities and avoid being outside too much during the hottest part of the day. If your child does become overheated, seek medical care as soon as possible. Lather your child up with sunscreen every time they go outside and make sure they are wearing a hat to protect them from painful sunburns.

Keep your family connected with one another. If your child doesn’t have one already, consider buying a cell phone for your little one. If your kid heads off to camp for a few weeks, or even if they are just spending a night or two at a friend’s house, a cell phone will guarantee that you connect with your child in no time whenever you need to. If you must work during the day and your children are old enough to stay at home by themselves, cell phones offer a great safety tool for your family. Find a reliable phone provider for you and your family. For example, if you live in Georgia, look up AT&T stores in Georgia near you. If your family is going on vacation, providing you children with even a simple cell phone will provide a way for you to connect with them if for some reason they separate from you at any point during the trip. With a little planning, your family gets an enjoyable and stress-free summer filled with a variety of activities.

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