How To Figure Out Which Career You Want To Pursue

How To Figure Out Which Career You Want To Pursue

Everyone wants to find their passion in life and pursue it. It could be on career, lifestyle or academics. A survey by New York Professionals showed that in a lifetime, one is expected to change jobs, three times.

Suffice to say, many of us have found ourselves in positions where though we perform, we don’t have the interest in the duties. Taking a bold step to venture out and discover your calling, can be intimidating. However, once you do, it will be one of the wisest steps you ever made in your lifetime.

You probably landed here by searching for a rewording websitebut we will discuss tips to help you find out the career of your liking.

Try out an internship opportunity

If you have no experience and are flexible on matters salary, you can try an internship. It will give you a sense of what it feels like to work in a particular field or profession. Choose an internship position that exposes you to real work.

Even if you may not have interest in the field, you will increase your network. Who knows they may inform you of other opportunities that would suit you. It also increases your chances of securing full-time employment.

Pursue your curiosity

Steve Jobs curiosity on typefaces helped in the development of his design sensibility. That which motivates you is what separates you from others. To uncover your hidden interests you have to follow your curiosity. If you are eager to learn about coding and web development, you can try checking out for tutorials online or enroll for a course related to it. Then if you start enjoying it, eventually you can find a software engineering job and apply what you have learned.

You will be on the right path of discovering who you are. Unlock your creative side and make use of the available resources, even if it’s paraphrasing services.

Get a mentor

A career counselor will provide you with guidance and insights into the field that intrigues your interest. You will also get access to relevant tools and resources. Find a mentor, possibly one who is in your line of interest.

Ask them if they can allow you to shadow them for a few days. It exposes you to a first-hand experience in the given field.

Don’t focus on money

Yes, you want to be able to meet your expenses and possibly, repay your student loans. However, if money is your number one concern, you will limit your options. Pursue your passions, even though they may not seem rewarding at first.

With patience and dedication, you will soon be in a position of power and enjoying the rewards that it has to offer. A saying by Confucius states that, by choosing a job that you love, you won’t have to work in your life again.

Just do it

To determine whether or not a specific career path is for you, you have to try it out. Speculation is not the real truth. If you want to venture into entrepreneurship, then, get started. Start classes for the program that fascinates you.

Don’t be afraid to try and jump ship if it doesn’t work. But you have to try it first, to know whether it is ideal or not.


The journey of discovery is not easy, but you have to choose to give it a shot. Get started and stop second-guessing yourself.

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