Understand The Human Brain As Suggested By Dr. Curtis Cripe

Understand The Human Brain As Suggested By Dr. Curtis Cripe

While new technologies are evolving each day, their functions getting simplified while their inner workings are growing more complex. But all machines, all technologies are after all products of the mankind. They are the result of their immense brainpower. Till date, the brilliant human brain remains the most complex machine of all. Even after innumerable scientific breakthroughs, one has not yet fully understood the working of this organ. The field of neuroscience aims at trying to comprehend and solve these immense challenges faced in understanding the human brain.

Understand The Human Brain As Suggested By Dr. Curtis Cripe

Curtis Cripe : An expert NeuroEngineer

Neural engineering, better known as neuroengineering is a field of science which comes under biomedical engineering. This discipline undertakes various techniques in order to understand, enhance or repair the neural systems. Neuroscience has a large focus on the functioning of the human brain and its impact on behavioral and cognitive functions.

Currently practicing at the NTL Group, Dr.Cripe is an extremely experienced neuroengineer, with prominent expertise in the fields of behavioral medicine and neuroscience. His professional and academic skills are spread through a diverse area which includes psychophysiology, psychology and addiction recovery. He is also the founder of the renowned crossroads institute, which is an organization that aims at helping people who are facing learning disabilities or suffering from brain injuries.

The extensive knowledge of Dr. Curtis Cripe in the field of neuroengineering can be seen through his research. One of his path breaking articles on Low Energy Neurofeedback System received recognition from the Journal of Neurotheraphy and was published in it. The article consisted of three case studies used by him to supplement his hypothesis. He has also co-authored a book pertaining to Neurofeedback.

One can truly progress in the path of neuroscience by having sufficient comprehension about the workings of the human brain. In one of his blog posts Curtis Cripe talks about the complexity of the human brain. He says that, when scientists finally figure out all the mechanics of a brain and how it works, it would truly be the biggest achievement of mankind. Having about 100 billion neurons at an average, a human brain is beyond the complexity of any technology there could ever be. While highly advanced programs and tools are been used for analyzing and visualizing the functions of the brain and helping in addressing brain related problems, none of them have fully being successful in comprehending its workings.

Brain is a universe by itself, a single organ that controls the whole body. It is capable of storing more data than any super computer. Specializing in the study of the nervous system and its relation to the brain, neurosciences play a vital role in understanding this exceptional organ. Over the years they have made immense progress and now have a better understanding of the functional circuits in the brain and its effectiveness.

Neuroengineer’s like Dr Cripe strive to get a better understanding of how the human brain calculates, how does it adapts and learns by itself and how does it controls the mechanisms of the body. How the brain forms a relationship with the nervous system is a huge part of their study. This exciting field of study might just answer the countless questions associated with the human brain in the future.

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