Women’s Power – Delta Sigma Theta

The Delta Sigma Theta is sorority devoted to African-American community which were targeted by different programs in earlier years. It is non-profit organization which was founded by undergraduates on 13 January 1913 by 22 women at Howard University. The motive of the sorority is using the group power to help the academic excellence along with the helping people who are needy. The first act of the sorority was on 3 March 1913 again women suffering in Washington DC. It is one of the largest African-American organization. Any women can join this organization, and the only thing they have to do is meet their requirement of membership. It does not matter which religion, nationality or race you belong, it is open for everyone. Members can the sorority through subjects of colleges or university.

The Delta Sigma Thetasorority has an important part in organizing different programs to improve social, political, educational and economic condition. The key factor of this organization is to help African-American community in various ways. Since the sorority was founded, now they are operating in different countries across the globe with over 1,000 centers. The countries are like the United Stated, Japan, England, the Virgin Islands, the Republic of Korea, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica and Germany. There are more than 300,000 members working with the organization and include a majority of African-American college and University graduate women.

Political Awareness and Involvement

  • The first black female associate of the U.S. Congress was Shirley Chisholm and she was the first black woman to run a major party.
  • On 27 March 2003, Delta Sigma Theta developed into a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).
  • The first and only black woman elected in the United States Senate was Carol Moseley Braun.
  • Alexis Herman has served in the Cabinet Member and the Secretary of labor in the administration of President Bill Clinton.
  • The United States Army’s first African-American woman general was Hazel Johnson-Brown.
  • The First black female who has served as chief of the State Department bureau was Barbara Watson.

International Awareness and Involvement 

  • Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital: This organization has invested in health care of women in Kenya. It was established in 1955 in Thika town; the members of the organization also donated $20,000 to the hospital in the year 1985.
  • World AIDS Day: On 1 December 2008, Delta Sigma Theta supported World AIDS day operation with the saying “Stop AIDS! Keep the Promise.” They are taking different efforts to increase HIV/AIDS awareness.


Before starting a Delta Sigma Theta sorority, the founders were initiated with the other sorority called Alpha Kappa Alpha out which seven of them were elected officers. These 22 women wanted to expand the activity of the sorority to a public interest instead of just keeping it limited in campus. All of them have voted to change the name of the sorority along with color and the logo of the sorority. When the other member came to know about their decision, they refused to apply to the the changes and warned them about shutting down their effort to make changes in the existing sorority.

As the 22 members wanted to make nationwide sorority who can help the other peoples as well, so they started with Delta Sigma Theta Inc. on 13 January 1913. The Administration of Howard University approved their sorority with a new oath. The name of 22 founders of this organization Osceola McCarthy Adams, Marguerite Young Alexander, Winona Cargile Alexander, Bertha Pitts Campbell, Ethel Cuff Black, Zephyr Chisom Carter, Edna Brown Coleman, Jessie McGuire Dent, Frederica Chase Dodd, Myra Davis Hemmings, Olive C. Jones, Jimmie Bugg Middleton, Pauline Oberdorfer Minor, Vashti Turley Murphy, Naomi Sewell Richardson, Mamie Reddy Rose, Eliza Pearl Shippen, Florence Letcher Toms, Ethel Carr Watson, Wertie Blackwell Weaver, Madree Penn White, Edith Motte Young.

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