Notable Point Of Discussion: Google Pixel

Notable Point Of Discussion: Google Pixel

Today we are in a world surrounded with tech geek freaks and it has become a necessity to know about the recent advancements going about. There are a lot of competitions going on among this technology supported gadgets every day. With the increasing rate and amount of competition and competitors, the makers of these big gadgets are trying every day to bring new advances in their new gadgets daily. With this scenario, Google has always come up with newness and promised about the recent developments. Google Pixel 2 is the company’s new gadget and is believed to set new records in history this time.

Notable Point Of Discussion: Google Pixel

As the name itself has a big branding to itself already, the features that it provides with its phones, makes them stand out of the normal crowd of similar models of other companies. When compared with phones of the same league Google Pixel comes out with a clean swipe of all the votes. In comparison with Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 has almost every points coming to its pockets.

When coming to the colour options available, Google Pixel has the most number of options like the white pearl, black sapphire, silver and gold. These colors make it give it an aristocrat look and give it a stylish touch. Coming to the size of screen, Google Pixel Note has a screen size of 5 inch. Coming to the screen resolution, the Google Pixel has the best in the league with a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels.

The processor used in the Google Pixel is an Exynos 7420 against the qualcomm snapdragon processors in the other phones and the same is expected in case of pixel 2. This processor being the most recent version of all the ones mentioned proves to give Google Pixel fast and smooth usage. The RAM provided in the Google Pixel is about 4GB. But Google Pixel 2 can have 6 GB of RAM which will give it more speed.

The internal storage provided in the all new Google Pixel has a space of almost 32 GB against some 16 GB in the competitors of the league. This shows that it has a space that can be as good as in the personal computer and one can have all his work done on his phone easily anywhere and everywhere.

When coming to camera specifications, the all new Google Pixel is built with a rear camera of 16 megapixels that a point that makes it different from other normal smart phones and thus makes it unique. On the other hand, Google Pixel 2 will be given 20 MP camera. The quality of pictures that can be clicked with the camera of the Google Pixel 2 can beat any quality of picture in the league any day. When compared from the point of view of the front camera, the Google Pixel has a front camera of 5 megapixels which is one point where it stands as the same with the competitors but when the outcome is seen, it is evident that Google Pixel remains at the top. Priced at 57k that is worth paying, this phone is launched in the October 2016 as is expected to reach the sky’s limits and heights. Audience was disappointed with the price of Pixel, they are expecting, Google will not disappoint them with this high price of Google pixel 2. Stay tuned to know more about latest news about smartphones

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