Great Ideas For In-Office Signage

You need a company sign to get people in the door, but what about once they are there? A great  in-office sign can really have a lasting impact on clients. And that’s the kind of impact every business is striving for. You want to make that great first impression when someone comes to your office building, or when they first walk into your office. Signage has a huge impact on the way people view you.

Here are some great ideas for your in-office signage:


If you are interested in conveying a classy feeling to your customers, you may consider utilizing design set on glass. This type of sign is modern and simple while making an impact on those who see it. Take a look at this example:

The classic look for a glass sign is with four silver pins at each one of the corners. Depending on the colors you want to include, these often look best on a white background. You may want to add your company logo, as well as the name of your institution. If you have an exterior sign, you may want to stay stylistically consistent on your in-office glass sign.

Direct to Wall

If you have a big empty wall to make use of, you may consider designing your sign so it sets directly on the wall. These signs are skin to the currently popular wall decal trend. The benefit of this type of sign is that it utilizes the pre-existing surface in a creative and effective manner.

When selecting this type of signage, you’ll want to consider both the color and material of the wall you wish to work with. This can have an important impact on the final product. These types of signs are typically not varied in their color schemes, although such an item is possible to produce. Most common these come in a black form set against a white wall. Here is an example of such a sign

Glass Casing

If you want flexibility from your office sign, you’ll be interested in the glass casing option. Here you can have a glass case specifically designed to display the information within. This interior information can be expressed in a number of different ways ranging from text made with metal to a simple sheet of paper with printed text. You can modify the design of the glass casing to accommodate whatever internal information you want to convey.

In addition to the flexibility provided by designing the glass case to accommodate the information, you can also use the case as an opportunity to communicate your company logo. This includes adding frosting and artistic elements to the case. To see an example, check out this project completed by IsInstallations in Mountain View, California:[group10]/0/

In-office signage provide a great opportunity for your company to make a powerful statement to customers. Use it as a chance to convey the company values from your customer’s first step through the door. Remember, signage is the first thing people will see when they enter your office building. Make it look good.

This article was written by james t. James is a New Jersey native but currently lives in Mexico City because it’s a tad bit cold in New Jersey at the moment. Still, he is looking forward to the 2014 Super Bowl being held in his freezing home state

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