What To Consider When Making Commercial Flooring Choices

A good understanding of the different features of commercial flooring products is one of the best things that will help you choose the right floor finishes for your commercial or industrial building. There are many regulations that are given by federal governments that need to be followed in addition to personal taste. Some of the most important things you must put into consideration include:

Traffic: The type and volume of traffic is an important consideration when you are selecting commercial flooring products for any facility. Personnel and customer safety as well as potential liability issues will compel any business owner to make sure that when there is need, they will install skid resistant floors by using commercial floor finishes such as grit or textured surfaces. The degree of texturing will definitely be determined by the frequency and condition of operations, frequency of maintenance and cleaning as well as the presence of products such as greases, oils and any other products that are likely to be slippery.

Frequency of cleaning: Commercial and industrial floors need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly and in cases such as in the food processing industries, this could be several times a day. As a result of this, commercial and industrial flooring contractors will decide the best flooring finishes that will be durable enough to withstand such vigorous cleaning; some floors are cleaned using steam, how water or aggressive chemicals. In such cases, it is only some particular type of high performing commercial flooring finishes that will take that type of punishing.

Chemical exposure: In some industrial plants the floor will be exposed to a number of chemicals in additional to corrosive cleaning chemicals and detergents. When a floor is subjected to only some minor contact with chemicals, you may very well do with a thin film of some particular coating but when the floor is daily exposed to different varieties of moisture, heat and chemical conditions, you will definitely require an appropriate more durable type of industrial flooring that will give the floor enough protection against those conditions.

Application conditions: The other factor that is important in the selection of the correct commercial flooring option is the application conditions. While this may not be very important when you are installing flooring finishes in a new facility, it makes all the difference when you are upgrading the floor of an existing facility. The commercial flooring finish that you select must be such that it can be installed and be able to cure in the circumstances under which you already work.

Aesthetics: For most business owners’ aesthetics is not an important consideration in choosing commercial floor finishes; times have changed and today this is an important factor. Every business owner must know that the floor should be able to convey a clean, positive and colorful image as part of their public relations efforts.

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